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5 Harsh Truths For Guys Who Want To 'Naturally' Build Muscle Fast



Note: The article doesn't support nor condemn the use of performance enhancing drugs. It's completely a personal choice. 

The world of fitness is a jungle. A dense, misleading jungle where lies sell and the truth remains underrated.  It's a place where natural lifters get lost, more often than not. Building muscle naturally is an excruciatingly slow process and the pain is worsened by the consistent exposure to chemically enhanced lifters. A drugged up average gym-bro is not uncommon nor is a drugged up fitness celebrity who claims to be ‘natty'. What this exposure breeds is a sort of impatience in the mind of a natural lifter. He is always thinking in a spiral. Questions such as- why I am I not getting big, I am not eating right, and maybe I lack training intensity? - will often plague them. I am not going to rant about who is a ‘fake natty' and who isn't. Being a natural lifter, what I'll tell you will change your perception about getting big, naturally.

1) No Matter How Solid Your Training And Nutrition Is, You Will Never Build Muscle As Fast A Lifter On Roids

Truths For Guys Who Want To Build Muscle Naturally© Thinkstock/Getty Images

Drugs are magic pills. If somebody tells you otherwise, they are lying. Drugs can completely change how your body reacts to food and muscle recovery. Right from your metabolism, nutrition partitioning, right to your body's hormonal activities, everything is impacted. While a drugged lifter can build over 10 pounds of muscle in 4-6 weeks, a natural lifter can't. It's just impossible, even if you are on point with you training and diet. Why? I'll explain that in the next point.    

2) You Need More Time Resting And Recovering Than Lifting

Truths For Guys Who Want To Build Muscle Naturally© Musculardevelopment

Resting makes your muscles grow. Micro-tears inflicted while training need rest to repair (and get bigger). For natural lifters, recovery is of prime importance. For enhanced lifters, it isn't an issue. The reason why a lot of natural lifters fail to grow is that they spend too much time lifting and don't prioritize rest. Pounding heavy weights without resting adequately will not take you far in the race of building muscle.  

3) You Can Never Get Away With Bad Nutrition, While A Drugged Lifter Can

Truths For Guys Who Want To Build Muscle Naturally© YouTube

As I said, one of the biggest advantages of drug use is that your body partitions nutrition way much better. Since protein synthesis is always elevated, drugged lifters can build muscle on even insufficient consumption of protein. Whatever protein they consume is simply targeted by the body to build muscle. They can still build muscle on a poor diet. Being a natural, you have to be on point with your diet, not only for months but for years in a row, with high protein intake being priority. You have very little room for nutritional error. While wrong bulking will get you fat, under eating will get you smaller.     

4) You Will Fail For Years Before Learning What Works Best For Your Body

Truths For Guys Who Want To Build Muscle Naturally© YouTube

Putting on muscle naturally requires intelligent work with training and nutrition. And that, my friend, doesn't come in just weeks or months. Trial and error takes time, a lot of time. While a drugged lifter can pop a pill or stick a needle in his butt and get away with bad nutrition and poor training, you will have to learn from your errors. All of this takes time.  

5) Your Mental Peace Will Be Ruined If You Keep Comparing Yourself With  Fitness Models, Most Of Whom Claim To Be Natural But Aren't

Truths For Guys Who Want To Build Muscle Naturally© Thinkstock/Getty Images

Fitness is subjective and so is building muscle. Fake natty celebrities are not uncommon and are bad examples of natural fitness. They are very influential in the industry and since they will not shut shop, it's you who has to be intelligent and stop comparing yourself to them. On social media, filters do the talking, not lifting. Your favorite IG model will claim to be natural when it's painfully obvious that he isn't. But that's how the world is. Be answerable to yourself and chase a better version of YOU instead of chasing a body that is unachievable without roids.


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