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Ranbir Kapoor's Latest Outfit Is So Confused That It's Makes Complete Fashion Sense



Misunderstood mansplainer, eternal heartbreaker and the movie industry's one time savior—Ranbir Kapoor–has been dressing at least a decade younger than his actual age. He is, in fact, making it acceptable for 30-something men to try out trends a 34-year-old would never dare to attempt. Think heavily distressed jeans, rip-and-repair denim, super oversized...almost Kanye West-inspired jackets, slogan sweats and more. Which is brilliant if you ask us. RK's sense of style—even though he is trying out newer and interesting things—is never OTT or out of a sense of gimmick. And for the lack of a better word, Ranbir's fuckb*i aesthetic that is often brilliantly curated and heavy on hype-beast pieces seems to be his own and not borrowed from anyone or devised by any wrought Bollywood stylist trying to prove a point. 

Ranbir Kapoor makes cargo pants cool again© Viral Bhayani

Which brings us to his recent airport appearance that can easily be filed under a cacophony of stylistic choices. Let's analyze …

Ranbir Kapoor makes cargo pants cool again© Viral Bhayani

First off the faded cargo pants that look like they've seen better days are just the right fit—neither too baggy nor too tapered. Secondly, the dare-we-say-faux Rolling Stones T-shirt that hugs him tighter than Katrina (JK) The super oversized denim-jacket-meets-hoodie combo that looks like it's straight out of a Yeezy collection The dusty silver shoes that match his backpack, almost seamlessly.

Paparazzi-proof sunnies…

And an “I need my PlayStation, now!” expression

Ranbir Kapoor makes cargo pants cool again© Viral Bhayani

Basically, we are safe to declare this outfit as a sartorial manifestation of the ultimate fuckb*i out there. BRB, going to wear my fave sunnies in the dark!


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