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Ahan Shetty's Shoes Will Bring Back All Your Teenage Memories



Today, Suniel Shetty's son, Ahan made headlines for a big and obvious reason (in our heads, of course). He wore shoes: our teenage favourites: iconic shoes: easy-to-maintain shoes—basically a pair of converse! There's just so much that's on our minds right now, including school picnics that always featured our pairs of converse, that it's becoming harder for us to figure what to talk about here. To maintain our sanity, let's skip the drill of rekindling our memories and talk about this outfit on Ahan. That besides featuring our favourite pairs, is also an easy AF outfit to cop.

Ahan Shetty's Shoes Will Bring Back All Your Teenage Memories© Viral Bhayani

Wearing a classic solid coloured T-shirt, jeans and ankle-length converse kicks—Ahan's outfit is honestly giving us some major easy-dressing vibes. There's literally no effort that's gone into this outfit. But having said that, he's really sailed through the fitting game here. His one-holed jeans are fitting him like a layer of second skin (maybe a little skinny, but that's okay), the T-shirt's not appearing even a tad bit loose and most importantly, fitting his guns like it was made specifically for him. 

Ahan Shetty's Shoes Will Bring Back All Your Teenage Memories© Viral Bhayani

Clearly, this is one guy to follow for everyday style. Even in the past, we've him spotted in outfits that can be worn with capital-F ease, bought from our nearby malls, like a daily day uniform. And here's what we think: no matter how fashion-forward an A-lister is, factors like relatability and accessibility are imperative for the masses. To which, Mr. Shetty, even just as a star kid, is doing complete justice.


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