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The Type Of Shoes Every Indian Man Needs To Own

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Men have often complained about there not being as much variety in products vis-a-vis clothes and accessories for them, as there tends to be for women. 

While this complaint is certainly justified for a variety of categories (grooming products immediately come to mind), it is simply UNTRUE when it comes to shoes. In fact, shoes are perhaps that one fashion category for men, where there is just as much variety (if not more!) of products to choose from, as there tends to be for their female counterparts.

This is perhaps why it's also important for Indian men to have a clear understanding of, not only the type of shoes they can buy, but also WHY they need to be owning at least one pair of each. 

And since being spoilt for choice should never be a reason for missing out on fashion essentials, here are the six different type of shoes that every Indian man NEEDS to possess for their shoe racks:  

1) A Pair Of White Sneakers

Type Of Shoes Every Indian Man Needs To Own© Unsplash

It doesn't matter what body type you harbour, how tall you are or what your fashion sensibilities may be, but if you identify as an Indian man, you absolutely need to be owning at least one pair of white sneakers

After all, the utility of white sneakers cannot be stressed enough as they can pretty much go well with a vast majority of your wardrobe, so much so, that they'll probably become your go-to choice of footwear for a multitude of occasions. Just make sure you take care of them properly as they can be a bit challenging to maintain.

2) A Pair Of Brogues

Type Of Shoes Every Indian Man Needs To Own© Pexels

It's often said that all those who consider themselves as being gentlemen should own at least one pair stylish brogues for their shoe collection. After all, brogues are the epitome of class, maturity and high-fashion. Perfect for your workplace, you can also depend on them to elevate your casual, smart-casual and semi-formal attires for a second date or a house party, giving them greater utility than others.  

3) A Pair Of Sock-Sneakers

Type Of Shoes Every Indian Man Needs To Own© Unsplash

Sock-sneakers are perhaps the best amalgamation of style and comfort. After all, is there any other type of shoe out there that not only makes you look stylish and fashion-forward but also does so without compromising on your sense of comfort? 

Since most of them feature mesh and textile uppers, you never have to worry about the breathability and comfort you'll be getting when you put them on.

4) A Pair Of Espadrilles

Type Of Shoes Every Indian Man Needs To Own© Flickr

Espadrilles will pretty much be that breath of fresh air that'll add some much-needed variety to your otherwise monotonous collection of sneakers and formal shoes. In fact, espadrilles should pretty much be an essential part of your summer wardrobe, ones you can keep coming back to when you'd be looking for a pair of shoes that will make for comfort wear, all the while giving you an effortlessly stylish aura. 

5) A Pair Of Loafers

Type Of Shoes Every Indian Man Needs To Own© Pexels

If we were to go by its textbook definition, loafers can best be described as being shoes without laces. But going by just that definition would be a disservice, as loafers (both penny and horsebit variants) make for the most comfortable, fashionable and easy-to-wear type of shoes that can be used for almost all types of occasions. 

In fact, the best thing about owning a pair of loafers is just how reliable they are, so much so, that you shouldn't be surprised if they become your most used pair of shoes.

6) A Pair Of Running Shoes

Type Of Shoes Every Indian Man Needs To Own© Unsplash

You don't even have to be a fitness freak or gym rat to own a pair of running shoes. In fact, whether you're a beginner, expert or completely alien to the concept of fitness, owning a pair of running shoes should be mandatory. 

After all, apart from their basic utility in aiding your morning runs and evening workouts, you can also use some of them (not all!) to accentuate your casual ensembles.

Emraan Hashmi

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