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Alita - Battle Angel 2019

IMDb: 7.6/10 Genre : Action, Science Fiction, Thriller, Romance Director : Robert Rodriguez Stars : Rosa Salazar, Christoph Waltz, Ed Skrein, Mahershala Ali, Jennifer Connelly LANGUAGE: Hindi (Cleaned) – English Quality: 720p HD-Camrip PLOT: Six strangers find themselves in a maze of deadly mystery rooms, and must use their wits to survive.
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Here Are The Best Running Shoes Under Rs 2000 For Men

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Most fitness enthusiasts tend to harbour a love-hate relationship with running shoes. While their utility and usefulness cannot be stressed enough (they are pretty much a mandatory requirement for your workouts), they can also be incredibly expensive to purchase - especially if you choose to opt for reliable and sought after brands like Nike or Adidas.

But what if we told you that you could actually own a pair of running shoes that won't compromise on quality and pretty much check off all the right boxes WITHOUT making you splurge a fortune? Well yes, as unlikely as that scenario might seem, we've actually compiled a list of the best running shoes out there that deliver the goods while also being budget-friendly!

So on that encouraging note, here are the best running shoes under Rs 2000 for men, all of which will make for a worthy and long-term investment that you won't be regretting any time soon. 

Check Out The Best Running Shoes For Men Under Rs 2000 1. Adidas Men's Phantom 2.1 Running Shoes

Adidas Men's Phantom 2.1 Running Shoes© Amazon

There are three main reasons why these Phantom 2.1 running shoes from Adidas make for a great choice. First of all, the resilient midsole that they come equipped with, give these shoes enhanced cushioning for extra comfort. Secondly, the durable and resistant rubber outsole gives them more stability and traction. And finally, the incredibly affordable price tag that gives you the premium quality that Adidas is known for WITHOUT having you go broke. 

MRP: Rs 1,772

Buy it here

2. Lotto Men's Vertigo Running Shoes

Lotto Men's Vertigo Running Shoes© Amazon

Available in black, navy blue, white and charcoal grey, what makes these mesh running shoes from Lotto so special is the fact that you can pretty much wear them for any occasion - and not just confine their usage to the gym. After all, they would just as easily go well with a casual or smart-casual ensemble as they would with your gym attire. And the icing on the cake? Their super-affordable price that gives them incredible value for money.  

MRP: Rs 999

Buy it here

3. Puma Men's Octans IDP Running Shoes

Puma Men's Octans IDP Running Shoes© Amazon

Puma is one those brands that need absolutely no introduction, especially when it comes to their footwear collection. As such, you can rest assured about the quality and utility of these Octans IDP running shoes from their collection. Not only will they make for the perfect accessory for your morning runs or evening workouts, but they will also help give your feet the protection and stability you need to avoid accidental injuries during those strenuous fitness activities.  

MRP: Rs 1,799

Buy it here

4. Power Men's Gallop Running Shoes

Power Men's Gallop Running Shoes© Amazon

Being the most affordable shoes mentioned on this list is just one of the reasons why you shouldn't think twice before owning these bad boys from Power. After all, they are also available in multiple colours, come with one month of warranty, comprise of a mesh and synthetic upper that gives them breathability while reducing the potential for wear and tear, and come with a durable sole that makes them a worthy and long-term investment.  

MRP: Rs 714

Buy it here

5. Reebok Men's Ree Scape Running Shoes

Reebok Men's Ree Scape Running Shoes© Amazon

There is a lot we like about these Ree Scape running shoes from Reebok's collection. First of all, they are available in four different colours, giving you more options to choose from. Secondly, as they come from Reebok, you don't have to worry about their quality not being up to the mark. Third, they happen to be incredibly lightweight AND durable, making them a pair of shoes that pretty much checks all of the boxes. And finally, they come with enhanced utility, as they are not just good for a run, but also for those casual social gatherings where they can help accentuate your ensemble.

MRP: Rs 1,799

Buy it here

6. Red Tape Men's Running Shoes

Red Tape Men's Running Shoes© Amazon

As a brand, Red Tape hasn't really gotten its due despite curating quality sneakers at affordable prices. Well, with these blue mesh running shoes from their collection- ones that happen to be the perfect amalgamation of style and utility - that trend might be changing soon enough. After all, these running shoes, that come equipped with a premium quality upper that gives them breathability and flexibility, hot melt overlays that provide durability and structure, and a moulded foam insole that gives them enhanced cushioning, have earned their place on your shoe rack.   

MRP: Rs 1,498

Buy it here

7. Lancer Men's Running Shoes

Lancer Men's Running Shoes© Amazon

Another budget-friendly option on our list, this pair of running shoes from Lancer can best be described as being an 'all-rounder'. After all, just one look at them is enough to let you know that they'll not only come in handy for your morning runs but will also be useful for a house party or the next time you hit the club (provided you team them up with the right outfit, of course!). Featuring a TPR sole and a mesh upper, they are available in navy blue and black.

MRP: Rs 999

Buy it here

8. Adidas Men's Running Shoes

Adidas Men's Running Shoes© Amazon

Another kick-ass option from Adidas, though these happen to be a tad bit more affordable than the earlier ones. These black and neon green running shoes, that come equipped with a mesh upper and a contrast sole, are yet another great option that you could possibly opt for. Team them up with a pair of workout shorts from Adidas, as well as a casual tee, and you'll have your workout ensemble ready.  

MRP: Rs 1,649

Buy it here

9. Campus Men's Logic Running Shoes

Campus Men's Logic Running Shoes© Amazon

The unique and stylish design of these Logic running shoes from Campus make them a logical (pun intended!) choice to go for. After all, they are comfortable, the mesh upper gives them enhanced breathability, and the rubber outsole gives them stability and durability. Available in black, charcoal grey and navy blue, and made of mesh, you simply cannot go wrong with these fashion-forward and modish shoes.

MRP: Rs 1,049

Buy it here

10. Sparx Men's Running Shoes

Sparx Men's Running Shoes© Amazon

These running shoes from Sparx will add just the right amount of zest and colour to those gym essentials that usually tend to be boring and mundane. As they also happen to comfortable and durable as well - not to mention incredibly affordable -  they make for a worthy purchase to opt for.

MRP: Rs 799

Buy it here

11. Kalenji Run One Men's Running Shoes By Decathlon

Kalenji Run One Men's Running Shoes By Decathlon© Amazon

These Kalenji running shoes by Decathlon are perfect for beginners and experts alike. So whether you're someone who only runs once a week or someone who is pretty much an expert clocking up to 30 minutes of running almost on a daily basis, these shoes will help aid your exercise routines and boost up your runs. The EVA foam sole that is supremely comfortable and, the two years of warranty that these come with, end up being the icing on the cake.

MRP: Rs 1,399

Buy it here

12. Liberty Men Running Shoes

Liberty Men Running Shoes© Amazon

Slip-on running shoes are perhaps the most underrated type of running shoes out there - after all, they prioritize comfort like no other. In addition to that, they also make for a stylish and fashion-forward option, as you can pretty much use them for casual, smart-casual and party ensembles as well! Add to this their incredibly affordable price, the fact that they are available in up to six different colours, and that they come equipped with a cushioned midsole and a waffle outsole, and you've possibly got the best running shoes under Rs 2000 for men.    

MRP: Rs 790

Buy it here

13. Fila Men's Run Fast Plus 4 Running Shoes

Fila Men's Run Fast Plus 4 Running Shoes© Amazon

Fila is another one of those unsung brands, that have slowly but surely, been curating premium products without getting their due. Well, these 4 Running Shoes, that are made of rubber, come with one month of warranty and are equipped with a contrast sole, make for a bargain well struck at their economical price tag.

MRP: Rs 1,119

Buy it here

14. Lee Cooper Men's Running Shoes

Lee Cooper Men's Running Shoes© Amazon

Lee Cooper isn't necessarily the first brand that comes to one's mind when they think of running shoes, but that might soon start changing if they keep coming out with such kickass shoes, like these black and navy blue variants. Comprising of a synthetic upper, these shoes are durable and comfortable, making them perfect for your morning jogs and/or evening runs.

MRP: Rs 1,724

Buy it here

15. Reebok Men's Guide Stride Running Shoes

Reebok Men's Guide Stride Running Shoes© Amazon

Last, but certainly not the least, are these Guide Stride running shoes from Reebok. Equipped with a mesh upper that prioritises comfort and breathability, a rubber contrast sole that champions durability and stability, and available in two different colour combinations that are incredibly modish and fashion-forward, you really need to get your hands on these running shoes immediately before they go out of stock.  

MRP: Rs 1,599

Buy it here

Emraan Hashmi

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