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Nagpur Locals Seen �Working Out� On Streets & Annoyed People Can�t Get Over The Stupidity



The World Health Organisation (WHO), as far as I can remember, has clearly issued an advisory to the world asking them to steer clear of social gatherings as a precaution to prevent Coronavirus from spreading any further. Following which, 'self-isolation' became the norm.

However, it seems like some locals in Nagpur, Maharashtra did not get the memo.

Well, most gyms and fitness centres across the country have been closed to avoid human contact as much as possible, but a particular few Nagpur gym-freaks have taken to the streets as their perfect place to workout. 

ANI shared the pictures of some of these people who, clearly, donât understand the meaning of self-quarantine.

âMaharashtra: People in Nagpur gathered on the streets to exercise after all the gyms in the state are shut due to #Coronavirus. Hardeep Bhatia, a local says, âWe are building our immunity system by exercising,ââ the Tweet read.

Maharashtra: People in Nagpur gathered on the streets to exercise after all the gyms in the state are shut due to #Coronavirus. Hardeep Bhatia, a local says, "We are building our immunity system by exercising." pic.twitter.com/ROvowxMP4J

â ANI (@ANI) March 19, 2020

Well, social media users are severely irked by this and are appealing to them to stay indoors, at least for the sake of others, if not theirs.

Exercise indoors and in isolation. There are other ways and means to improve immunity than honking on kettle bells

â Tanya (@UrbanRangoli) March 19, 2020

Btcd yahi bhakchodi nahi karni h bolke toh gym band kiya h

â Mask (@Mr_LoLwa) March 19, 2020

Thoda dimag ka exercise Kar lo be... Acha time hai!!!

â The_Muffin_Man (@MuffinMan_78) March 19, 2020

Purpose of shutting down gyms was to avoid gathering of people at one place. Wasn't the ban pointless because now the people are getting gathered on streets.

â Devika (@Dayweekaa) March 19, 2020

Desh ko Corona se nahi, inn jaise namoono se precaution ki jaroorat hai ð¤¦ð¤¦

Tum ghar baith jao, desh ki immunity waise hi badh jayegi

â Dilip Jain दिलà¥à¤ª à¤à¥à¤¨ ð®ð³ (@dilipjain1979) March 19, 2020

Chutiye aadmi inko jail me band karo

â Mayur N. Magadalwar (@Imma7ur) March 19, 2020

As a precautionary measure to contain the virus from spreading in the National capital, all educational institutions including schools and colleges, museums, gym, swimming pools, and theatres have been closed till 31st March.

In fact, several of Indiaâs multinational companies have also shut down their workspaces and have advised employees to work from home.

But, seems like a certain section of people are throwing caution to the wind just to stay fit. If these people really want to work out, they can simply take tips from Bollywood celebs who are exercising at home.

Well, here's hoping someone gives them the ability to understand the deadly consequences of the virus and they stay put in their home.

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