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COVID-19 Outbreak: Here�s How English Premier League Superstars Are Keeping Themselves Occupied



In the world of football, March is that key month which sets the tone for a thrilling season finale, as it marks the thrilling beginning of a pulsating end to the season. During this time of the year, all the club football leagues are generally nearing its end. 

With just a handful, yet crucial, games left in the season, the month puts the best clubs to test amid immense pressure to finish on a high. Then, there is the UEFA Champions League, the holy grail of European club football, which reaches into the knockout stages around March and begins to unravel scintillating clashes amongst the best in the business. 

All of those things are exactly the reason why March remains one of the highly-anticipated months in the otherwise boring life of a football fanatic. But, in what appears to be one of its kind, this March isn't like any other. 

In a month, where jaw-dropping contests once kept the spectators on their feet, this March was brought doom to the beautiful game with empty stadiums, suspended league seasons and travel restrictions. 

COVID-19 Outbreak: Hereâs How English Premier League Superstars Are Keeping Themselves Occupied © Reuters

Thanks to the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, all footballing action has been either cancelled, suspended or postponed. Whether it's La Liga, Serie A or the English Premier League, football fans, literally, have nothing to rescue them in such troubled times. So much so, that even the much-awaited Euro 2020 and Copa America 2020 have also been pushed back by a year. 

While football fans have been trying to get their fill through online gaming and old videos of their favourite footballers and clubs, the footballers, too, find themselves with a lot of idle time they don't know what to do with. 

So, as COVID-19 continues to threaten sporting events and denies fans some slam-bang action, here's a look at what Premier League footballers have been up to all this while: 

Some Boxing For Vardy

???? https://t.co/g0R5SZyEcD

â Jamie Vardy (@vardy7) March 2, 2020 'Toilet-Paper Footy' For Rashford View this post on InstagramOn a roll 𧻠Wanted to get in on the action...#stayathomechallenge (recovery version ð)A post shared by (@marcusrashford)

 Social Responsibility For Virgil

I just wanted to send a message to say I hope everyone is doing OK in these difficult times.
We must all look after each other in what is tough circumstances for everyone across the whole world. Please stay safe.
We will be back!
Youâll Never Walk Alone. pic.twitter.com/Y4Ahbo9dNM

â Virgil van Dijk (@VirgilvDijk) March 18, 2020 Candid Shots For Sterling View this post on InstagramA post shared by (@sterling7)

'Tic Tac' For Aubameyang View this post on Instagramâ³ The Time Room â³ ....tic ....tac. PS : stop nominating me everywhere ð¤A post shared by (@aubameyang97)

Family Time For De Bruyne View this post on InstagramThis little man is already 4 years old. How quick it goes ð love you my big boy @lacroixmicheleA post shared by (@kevindebruyne)'COVID-19 Pun' For Robertson

*When youâve been in isolation for too long*

Wife: What shall we watch now?

Me: pic.twitter.com/8A87xVO4Kq

â Andy Robertson (@andrewrobertso5) March 17, 2020

'Stay Home Challenge' For Tammy View this post on InstagramStay safe people ð¤ð¾â¤ï¸ #StayHomeChallengeA post shared by (@tammyabraham1)

Neymar Kit & Ronaldo Haircut For Richarlison  View this post on Instagramð§ð·ð§ð·ð§ð·#Repost @433 with @get_repost ã»ã»ã» @richarlison training in a @neymarjr kit with a @ronaldo haircut ðð§ð·A post shared by (@richarlison)

Paid Partnership For Alli  View this post on InstagramSunday chills ðð½ââï¸ @boohoomanofficialA post shared by (@dele)

Candid Wheelies For Jesus View this post on InstagramQuintal de casa....ð´ð¾ââï¸ #doperi #chamanograuA post shared by (@dejesusoficial)

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