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Italian Man Arrested For �Playing Pokemon� Go Amidst Coronavirus Lockdown & We�re Speechless



Italy has been under lockdown since March 9, restricting citizens to their homes unless they need to buy food, medicines, go to work or for emergency circumstances. However, a 31-year old man thought he had a good enough reason to step out i.e. to play Pokemon Go. He was stopped and charged by the carabinieri on the streets of San Fermo, in the northern Como province. 

Coronavirus Lockdown: Italian Man Arrested For Playing Pokemon Go © Niantic

He went outside to play the augmented reality game with his daughter and when officers asked why he was breaking the lockdown, he said, "I have to hunt the Pokemon,â reports Italian website Leggo

Italy has been hit quite hard by the pandemic as thousands have been tested positive for the Coronavirus. Despite the lockdown, over 43,000 people have been fined in the past for breaking the order. 

Coronavirus Lockdown: Italian Man Arrested For Playing Pokemon Go © Unsplash/La So

Pokemon Go requires players to travel to new places to participate in raids and capture new Pokemon for the Pokedex. The game encourages players to step outside and explore the world to hunt new Pokemons. However, ever since the Coronavirus started to spread, the game has made it easier so that users can still play the game in isolation. The game now offers incense at a much cheaper in-game currency that helps in luring Pokemon to the playerâs location. It is also easier now to hatch Pokemon Eggs which was only possible previously by reaching a certain number of steps in the game. 

Coronavirus Lockdown: Italian Man Arrested For Playing Pokemon Go © Niantic

If you are having the urge to step out to play the game, we advise against it as it will only cause more problems. Thereâs a high chance of you catching the virus from an unknown source which in turn could lead to you infecting others. We advise playing the game in self-isolation as it will help in curtailing the spread of Coronavirus and eventually players will be able to resume enjoying the game outdoors sooner when everything is under control. We understand that it is very tempting to step out to catch those Pokemons, however the priority right now is to make sure the virus doesnât spread any further. 

Source: Leggo

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