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'Wonder Woman' Gal Gadot Reveals Gender Pay Gap As The Biggest Stuggle Of Her Life



Most of us have been born in what we consider to be an extremely flawed society, as we beg to understand the actual rules of the game.  

Without a shadow of a doubt, the key to human life or everything around it is having a decent balance. 

However, despite there being a dire need of the same in the world, there is hardly any of it. 

Whether you look at us exhausting our planetary resources or our own personal lives that have unfortunately been marred by the overreliance of technology and social media, we do not know where to draw the line. 

This has been translated to our basic human rights, whether it is discrimination on the basis of skin color, caste, region, or gender. 

Gal Gadot Reveals Gender Pay Gap As The Biggest Stuggle Of Her Life © Internationalinvestment

Gender inequality is something that like the other issues, shamelessly prevails in our society despite centuries of evolution and decades of education. 

What gives one the right to judge someone's capability or say remuneration based on one's gender? 

Well, while the question has been hanging in the air for quite some time, people everywhere are fighting for the answer. 

One of these many people includes Hollywood actor Gal Gadot AKA Wonder Woman, who recently revealed that pay disparity in the West has been her biggest struggle to date. 

Gal Gadot Reveals Gender Pay Gap As The Biggest Stuggle Of Her Life © Pinterest

The 35-year-old Israeli actress, while speaking in her six-part short-form documentary series Impact With Gal Gadot, spoke on how Hollywood's gender pay gap was the biggest fight of her life.  

“My biggest struggle as a woman has been equal pay as my male co-stars, (all of) whom I love so much. As a woman, that has been the biggest thing. As a human being, I have struggled with many other problems. But the thing that I fought for the most, was equal pay with my male stars.” 

While the gender pay gap is prevalent in a lot of sectors across the world, it is considered to be significantly larger in the film industry. 

While Gadot had spoken about being paid less than her male counterparts earlier, many actors including Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Watson, Salma Hayek, and several others had also spoken on it. 

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