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Add Imgur upload button in the editor

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How to add an Imgur upload button in the editor

*This is my original tutorial. You may share it freely, but(!) consider mentioning who wrote it.


Create an Imgur account, and then register an application here: https://api.imgur.com/oauth2/addclient

Now you have a client ID, which is to be used in the Imgur plugin we add to the editor.



Download the Imgur plugin from http://ckeditor.com/addon/imgur

Go to your ACP-> Customization-> Editor--> Toolbars-> "Add Button". Upload the plugin file(zip) for installation.

By now you can drag the button to the toolbar for it to show, but it won't function just yet.



Connect to your FTP-> Edit file: applications/core/interface/ckeditor/ckeditor/config.js

Add the settings in the end of the file (remember to use your Client ID number):

CKEDITOR.editorConfig = function( config ) {
    config.extraPlugins = 'imgur';
    config.imgurClientId = '123535ae12372d4';

Save & upload, done.

I hope this tutorial helped you! :) 



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