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‘Suhaag Raat Much?’ Condom Brand’s Hilarious Request For Vicky & Katrina Left Us In Splits



The grand wedding of Bollywood stars Katrina Kaif and Vicky Kaushal has been something that no one ever expected to be so...big.

With the stars doing everything to keep the wedding under wraps, it has created huge intrigue around the whole wedding.

I mean, that's how we humans are programmed, right? If you bar us from doing something, weirdly enough, that's what we want to be doing.

At least most of us.

Vicky and Katrina are getting married at the Hotel Six Senses Barwara Fort in Sawai Madhopur, Rajasthan.

Vicky Kaushal Katrina Kaif © Twitter

The grand wedding is being attended by around 120 people with many top Bollywood stars not even on the invite list.

Now, just like most of us who missed it, looks like an international condom brand, Durex, too, was not extended an invite to the royal affair.

However, unlike most of us, Durex clearly did not take things lying down.

Instead, it lived to its reputation of cracking the most hilarious jokes at the expense of others.

Putting up a post on Instagram regarding Vicky and Katrina's wedding, Durex India said, "You have to got to be kidding, if we are not invited."

View this post on Instagram

In the caption of the post, Durex India can be seen writing, "Pun and admission to your wedding: intended!"

As we comprehend, this was clearly an indication of the wedding night or Suhaag Raat, an Indian ritual that refers to the first night of marriage.

Well, whatever Durex did there, it sure was freaking hilarious, and we're sure both Vicky and Kaushal will take it in the same spirit as it was intended.

The lavish wedding is clearly an event unlike any other and has been the subject of much talk because of the grandness of it as well as with relation to how the guests are requested to follow some strict rules.

Apparently, one can't even keep their one mobile phone on them, let alone click pictures of the event.

Fun, right?

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