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People Share 7 Toxic Workplace Things That We Often Ignore Saying ‘Itna Toh Chalta Hai’



We often don’t realise what drags down our own happiness, be it a workplace, a relationship or little things in our own lifestyle, because we get so used to the toxic behaviour and things around us. 

We let things pass most times because we deem them to be normal or common and nothing too extraordinary to notice or fix. 

Common Things At Work That Are Actually Toxic © Yash Raj Films

A toxic workplace is a perfect example of how we overlook bad behaviour and stressful culture because we think that’s how things at any office work. 

However, that’s not true. 

People on Reddit discussed in a thread some of the things that are considered normal at the workplace but are actually toxic. Consider them as red flags

Common Things At Work That Are Actually Toxic © Yash Raj Films

From colleagues bad-mouthing each other to redundant zoom calls, here are some common things at a workplace that we don’t realise are toxic:

1. Colleagues’ Equation With Each Other 

“When all your coworkers talk shit about each other behind their backs, you know they're talking shit about you behind your back, too.” –galactic-avatar

2. If No One Smiles, It’s Because They’re Dead Inside

“No one ever smiles. I get a lot of people have RBF and aren’t required to smile all day long, but if I walk through my entire workplace and not one person looks even remotely enthused then I probably am in a toxic environment.  At my last job, you could go weeks without even hearing someone laugh in be break room because everyone was so dead.” –azcardsfan2056

Common Things At Work That Are Actually Toxic © Eros International

3. When It’s Way Too ‘Parivarik Mahaul’

"When there's too much of a family vibe going on. From my experience, it usually means the boss lets a lot of shitty things pass and when they try to reprimand an employee it's never taken seriously. Everyone does whatever they want and lots of time is wasted." –EucaMintLavender

4. Zoom Meetings Go In Vain, Every Time 

“When your manager hosts meetings to improve/resolve an issue in terms of structure/organisation, literally shoots down every single idea presented and then leaves angry because nothing was resolved.” 

5. Dumping Workload Gift Wrapped As Training

“They put as many tasks as they can on the newer people and call it training.” Shadowy13

Common Things At Work That Are Actually Toxic © Prime Video

6. Online Work Discussions At Odd Hours 

“Having an off-the-clock group chat was something I didn’t sign up for at my last job. The atmosphere gave me anxiety to begin with, and every time I’d get a non-work-related group message from them, I’d want to throw my phone. Maybe I’m just old, an introvert, or both, but please give me personal space, LMAO." —mk1989

7. When It Feels Like High School Musical: Office Edition

“When it feels like you're in school again. If there's actively petty drama, it means either the boss doesn't know or doesn't stop it. Either way is no good. Also, the moment you start getting criticized for anything not related to your work (looks, intelligence, etc.). You shouldn't be getting paid to be bullied.” –Notasupervillan

Common Things At Work That Are Actually Toxic © Yash Raj Films

We often overlook these subtle signs and go about it until we feel so overworked and overwhelmed with the toxicity in the workplace that we are left with no choice but to quit for the sake of our mental health. 

Instead of ignoring them, notice these red flags and save yourself in time. 

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