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This App Showcases The Best Indian Independent Music And Guess What - It's Quite User Friendly

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If you're a music buff who seeks to find something more unconventional than popular and commercial music, then you have got to check Trunk It out. Trunk it trunks some really awesome hidden pool of independent musician across the country, who go all out giving us some of the best eclectic tunes made solely by them.

Music App That Gives You The Best Of Indian Independent Music

Apart from being an app that promotes unique home-grown Indie music it's also a multi-genre smart radio, launched for Android , with iOS to follow at the end of the month. Now, you may wonder why it's India's first smart radio. Well, to put it simply, it filters music content based on your preference of a specific genre and gives you exactly what you want to hear. So basically you get to run your own radio station and choose what you want to hear throughout the day. The app is quite user friendly and gives you genres like jazz, rock, pop, hip-hop, electric and metal to skim through and give you the best of some Indian artists.

Music App That Gives You The Best Of Indian Independent Music© Thinkstock Photos/Getty Images

The reason behind such a fantastic idea stemmed from the fact that despite having some great talent amongst the Indian music scene, there is always a struggle musicians face to showcase their product through social media or live performances. Either you have to wait for their LP's to be out or probably catch them at a live gig to hear their music. Trunk It hence stores an array of music from different artists, you can listen to, at any given point in time, with a working internet of course.

Music App That Gives You The Best Of Indian Independent Music© Thinkstock Photos/Getty Images

Since each listeners stream is unique, your collection of music gets personalised based on the interaction you have with the app. The aim is simple- a lot of people will eventually be exposed to the Independent music scene of India. The app is quite user friendly. We tried it and loved it. All you gotta do it go to preferences and choose your preferred genre of music. You can of course choose more than three genres in one go. The radio will then throw songs at you based on the genre(s) you have picked. If you love a particular track or an artist, you can trunk it (love it) and the radio will automatically save the song for you, on your play list for future listen. It also helps the radio understand your preferences. If you junk a song, the radio will figure you dislike that particular track and will never play that song for you again.

So, what this app beautifully does is give an opportunity to an individual to curate their own music, through the radio. At any given point in time, every person tuned in to Trunk It has a different radio stream going on. The idea is to expose peeps to different sides of the Indian music scenario. Trunk It is the only music based app in the country that helps artists connect to their audience. So if you're an artist and want your music to be showcased, get in touch with them now!

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