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John Abraham Just Wore An Outfit That We Can Actually Afford

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Even at 45 and with barely a few movies in his hands — John Abraham is still looking like he's here to cross the finish line first. Look at his freshly-buzzed haircut, his massive (envious) guns and those aviators that only define a star; the lad's clearly only here for the kill. 

In fact, despite his gigantic size, muscles and leg-day-all-week legs, the man doesn't appear like he's trying to put his body on display. He dresses incredibly well, we must say. And while he's at it, he also ensures that he relates well to the masses.

In another episode of I'm-a-relatable-celeb, for a Radio City event in Mumbai, the actor turned to a rather easy, simple, everyday outfit, featuring every man's favourite fabric and a sartorial sight, that was fitting him like it was stitched around his body. 

John Abraham Just Wore An Outfit That We Can Actually Afford© Viral Bhayani

Let's first establish, that the guy hardly ever has a stylist by his side. His apparel decisions, style moves and almost everything he does in the fashion territory; are all things decided by the guy personally. Agreed, he doesn't succumb to groundbreaking pieces anyway, but at least he nails what he attempts to do. 

For #1, once again, the guy has turned to denim for this outing here. Proving, no matter how many times he dresses in the day, his jeans will always act like his holy grail. Let's not forget, they're skimming him right on the quads, without actually clinging to them. Just a white T-shirt topped with a denim shirt too, is a clear sign of how much the guy loves his ordinary-guy gear. 

John Abraham Just Wore An Outfit That We Can Actually Afford© Viral Bhayani

Throw in the white sneakers into this discussion and you'd realise, how easy this outfit is to cop in your life. Three apparel pieces, a versatile pair of footwear and classic Top Gun-sunnies are all you need for a terrific combo. The actor is really a one-a-kind actor: grounded, easy, non-fussy and very casual when it comes to his style. Remember when he wore a similar outfit to an engagement party? Not his best move, though.

John Abraham Just Wore An Outfit That We Can Actually Afford© Viral Bhayani

All in all, let's just say, it's this innate quality of the lad (of being supremely relatable to the masses), that even today, is keeping him on our radar. Plus, this outfit in particular, is easily available at the mall and perfect for every body type. 

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