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Fans Feel DC's 'Shazam' Is Shockingly Good For A Superhero Film Thanks To Zachary Levi

Even though 'Shazam' isn't a very well known superhero from the DC universe, the newly released movie has surprised the audience in a fantabulous way.  

The movie follows a teenage boy Billy Batson who basks in the glory of his new found powers.

Fans are finding it 'shockingly good' for a superhero film and the reviews are pouring in like rain.

I have no words to explain the awesomeness of this movie !. #Shazam is a pure treat for all the fans, familes and literally everyone. More than being a superhero movie this one is something more .@ponysmasher you're amazing ððð!.

What are you waiting for ?. Go watch it!!!. pic.twitter.com/60LzA14SAk

— MRK ! (@EdwardS54541873) April 5, 2019

Just two words review: Must Watch!!!@DCComics is improving with there movies.

— Abhishek Gupta (@ag12106302) April 5, 2019

Everyone feels it's relatable, funny and a must-watch for sure!

So just walked out of #Shazam & I usually dnt review a DC movie until i watch it twice. But 1st impressions - I am nt using the F word bt more than Fun or Family, it was a great love letter to DC movies & CBM's in general. Loved the genuine emotion & sincerity.

— Ambarish (@ambarish17) April 5, 2019


Very good movie! Different feel and vibe for a superhero origin. Very refreshing and funny!

My knocks
The suit (Too padded)
Shazam seems more childish than Billy

â¡ï¸â¡ï¸â¡ï¸â¡ï¸ pic.twitter.com/VLE5fJpkA8

— Roo Review (@Roo_Review) April 5, 2019

Also, people are loving Zachary Levi in the movie as he has certainly delivered the unexpected. 

I saw #Shazam tonight. It is a delightful superhero family film. Zachary Levi was born to play this role. People are going to love this one. DC has a hit on its hands. My full review will be ready tomorrow morning. pic.twitter.com/CKJGjl3ogc

— Jeffrey Rex (@ImJeffreyRex) April 4, 2019


I literally want to say this that Shazam is way better than Captain Marvel!

but still, there were Weak links & Distracting things in Shazam! Know all that in my Spoiler-Free Review. #Shazam #ShazamMovie #ZacharyLevi  @ZacharyLevi pic.twitter.com/cFf2aCcCo0

— sarthak choudhary (@srtkchoudhary) April 5, 2019

In case you were looking for a reason to watch it, then the audience has given you plenty by now!

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