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An Indian PhD Student Sues An Australian University For $3 Million Over His 'Loss Of Sex Drive'

We all agree that higher education is a tough ordeal. While you are pursuing an idealistic life and learning as you grow, it really takes a toll on you to spend a lot of time under the pressure of books, examinations, dissertations or daily assignments. That's why it's always healthy to balance student life out, with adequate amount of activity and of course fun.

But unfortunately for Kuldeep Mann, it was a different story altogether. An Indian student at the James Cook University in Queesnland, Australia has launched a 3-million dollar lawsuit against the university for rejecting his application for a PhD on the grounds of plagiarism. That's not all. The real reason for him to go ahead with this lawsuit is because he claims the University gave him enough stress for him to loose everything, including his *** drive.

An Indian PhD Student Sues An Australian University For $3 Million Over His 'Loss Of Sex Drive'© James Cook University

Mann, a 52-year-old student working at 7/11, claimed that he had paid $20,000 in 2015, to apply for the social sciences PhD course at the Townville campus. But when he started the course with two subjects, the university rejected his admission on the grounds of plagiarism and told him he wasn't 'up to the mark'.

"If the university didn't have this kind of trick on me, had they not destroyed my... ruined my career I should have by now completed my PhD" Mann told an International news publication.

His biggest regret though was losing interest in ***, due to the extreme pressure the university put him through.

A former PhD student is suing Queensland's James Cook University for $3.125 million, over his 'loss of *** drive', after failing two subjects. #9News pic.twitter.com/uYE9uao2GS

— Nine News Queensland (@9NewsQueensland) 28 May 2019

An Indian PhD Student Sues An Australian University For $3 Million Over His 'Loss Of Sex Drive'© Twitter

"Everything was affected including my *** life, "I... I'm no longer... wanting to be on the bed... to share bed with my partner. There is no such desire... no desire for anything. It has stopped my *** life. I have no *** drive. There is no stimulation in my organs. I have never had this problem before. I don't feel any blood down there," he added.

He's now taking his fight to the Queensland Supreme Court and the man has actually submitted a 20-page document , which claim damages for his potential lost income "mental torture" along with "prolonged harassment at the JCU that hovered over (his) mind day and night had also adversely affected (his) *** drive and that as a result (his) relationship with (his) partner is on the verge of collapsing.". He is now asking for 3.125 million dollars, after suing the university.

The university obviously gave him 'Grade Fail' for his poor performance and that upset Kuldeep Mann to such an extent that he sued the university for its lack of judgement on his performance, in his PhD and of course in bed.

"I hope that the honourable Supreme Court will do full justice with me by awarding me the aforementioned full amount of compensation as remedy for all my losses and sufferings," Mann stated.

An Indian PhD Student Sues An Australian University For $3 Million Over His 'Loss Of Sex Drive'© Pinterest

Well, we don't really know the entire truth but if he's really serious about suing the university for losing his *** drive then I am guessing the university didn't recognise his full potential. If Kuldeep Mann ever decides to study again, we really hope he's in a  better place to complete his studies and gain his *** drive back.

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