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Gulab Jamun Pizza Exists & We Can't Figure Out If It's More Offensive To Gulab Jamun Or Pizza

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Gulab jamun is delicious, pizza is delicious, but both of them on their own? I don't know why someone would ever think, "oh hey, what would happen if we put these two together?"

But, unfortunately, someone not only thought that, but also made it a reality and now we all have to suffer the consequences. Just look at this monstrosity!

Gulab Jamun Pizza Exists© Twitter

Why would you do that? Just, why? This is so unnecessary. Even if it's not actually a regular pizza as a base, it's just not needed. You don't need a sweet base and then put lots of gulab jamuns on top to make a dish. People can just eat the gulab jamun, like you know, individually, normally.

The most surprising part of this is the fact that there are some people who actually think it looks delicious and want to try it. I just have one question for them - who hurt you?

But, mostly, people are reacting like how they should - they are disgusted by it.


— VedVyazz (@vedvyazz) November 8, 2019

Wait, people eat Nutella parathas?

I blame Nutella paratha for all of this bullshit! That's where it all started https://t.co/pP6Xf0sEPK

— Ali Gul Pir (@Aligulpir) November 8, 2019

No one would even mind.

It is totally legitimate for Italy to attack us now! https://t.co/faqDxDcfs9

— Maida Farid (@maidaFarid_) November 7, 2019

A heavy price.

My hairdresser is an Italian, hope he doesn't see this. My hairstyle will pay a heavy price if he doesðð½‍âï¸

— Saffina Ellahi (@SaffinaEllahi1) November 7, 2019

And pizza.

Stop disrespecting gulab jaman https://t.co/jmJsY3LXJh

— Aliya (@aliyabeee) November 9, 2019

Oh, for sure.

This crime against humanity needs to be tried under the Geneva convention.

— Hasnain Haider (@langahwhotweets) November 8, 2019

I don't even know.

What fresh hell is this? https://t.co/l7Ef2E7MtO

— Aditya Raj Kaul (@AdityaRajKaul) November 8, 2019

This is a conspiracy by pineapple on pizza lovers.

.... And just like that pineapple pizza isn't the most hated pizza on planet

— Aditya Thakkar (@aadi106) November 8, 2019

Tried to make the best of both worlds?

When a halwai opens a fast food shop. https://t.co/oXL9H1OrDY

— Ali`ð¬ (@phuck_ouff) November 7, 2019

Send help.

I can't unsee this monstrosity. Please help. https://t.co/EDDpFjyE70

— Dr.Kuldeep Gadkari, MS( Ortho) (@doc_kul) November 9, 2019


what's not to like? gulab jaamun GOOD! pizza GOOD! https://t.co/LQRz56inC7

— ð (@____siddhartha) November 9, 2019

To everyone who wants to try it.

If u defend this food blasphemy, pls get the f**k outta from my following. https://t.co/i99Bylp3Yl

— Ahsan (@daguywhocooks) November 8, 2019

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