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Here�s Why MX Player�s Latest Mystery-Thriller �Samantar� Has Our Nod Of Approval



Going to an astrologer is an enthralling experience, right? They can read your face and conjure stories about your past that are more often than not true. But what if you were told that your future is another manâs past. Thereâs somebody out there who has the same palm lines as you, and has already lived the life youâre living. Freaky, right?

MX Playerâs latest mystery thriller Samantar charts a similar plot, where the protagonist is on a relentless quest to track down Sudarshan Chakrapani â a man who has a similar destiny as his own.  

Having binge-watched this nine-episodic show today, hereâs why we think itâs a must watch for everyone.

Swwapnil Joshi â The Heartthrob Of Marathi Cinema

700x540_2_5e6ba10c42115.jpeg MX Player

The show stars Swwapnil Joshi in the lead role. In addition to working in popular Marathi films like Duniyadari and Mitwaa, the actor has also been a part of the Bollywood movie Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye! In Samantar, Joshi delivers a terrific performance and makes us root for his character from the word go.

Gripping Plot

MX-article-2_5e6ba1278cf59.jpeg MX Player

People donât believe in ghosts until they actually see one. Such is the destiny of Samantarâs protagonist. Heâs an atheist who believes in taking life one day at a time. The only catch is â his personal and professional life has hit rock bottom. Following which, his friend convinces him to meet an astrologer to get a grip on the situation. Things take a spooky turn when the astrologer says, âmaine yeh haath pehle bhi dekha haiâ - the protagonistâs future is another manâs past.

Binge-Worthy Episodes

700x540_1_5e6ba1415a555.jpeg MX Player

Every episode is about 20-minutes long, making the show a crisp and gripping watch. Believe me, every episode is like a cliffhanger and you wouldnât be able to resist watching âjust one more episode.â   

An Edge Of The Seat Thriller

700x540_3_5e6ba168d5007.jpeg MX Player

Now that Kumar Mahajan knows that his future is linked to the past of another man, will he be able to find him? Does such a man actually exist? Or has Kumar set out on a wild goose chase? In addition to this, the astrologerâs uncanny (and correct) revelations about Kumarâs past, and his life events aligning with Sudarshan Chakrapaniâs past, make the show a gripping watch!

Based on the famous book Samantar by Suhas Shivralkar, this show is instantly likable. Moreover, to cater to a wider audience set across India, the platform has dubbed the Marathi web series in three other languages - Hindi, Tamil and Telugu. So what are you waiting for? The weekend is here, and so is the binge-worthy show. All nine episodes of Samantar are now streaming on MX Player, for free.    

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