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5 Types Of Wrist Watches Every Man Should Gift Himself



E-commerce world has taken over the way we shop for everything these days. In the arena of watches as well, this stands true since most of us look at the design and get utterly confused which one to go for. For someone, who usually has a lot of events planned, it is more than important to know and understand the nitty-gritty of buying the right sort of watch. 

Therefore, to know the various kinds of watch styles well-suited for different occasions, check out this list of wristwatches that you can gift yourself and be ready, irrespective of where you have to go next.

1. Dress Watch

Types Of Wrist Watches Every Man Should Have © istock

Even though the name sounds pretty flamboyant, this watch will be your saviour on days you don't want to look over the top. Everything lies in the details of this watch, right from the overall elegance of the design to the dial this one has. It can be recognised by a round dial, high gloss black leather strap and rectangular, round or square steel. This classic timepiece has minimal aesthetics that dovetails well with formal garbs or even casual events.

2. Field Watch

Types Of Wrist Watches Every Man Should Have © istock

First introduced in the nineteenth century and worn by German officers, this one has a practical and rugged appearance. Popular in the military, this style has persisted till date and most men make the best use of this one. Usually recognised with high readability on the dial and low light functionality, this military watch style makes for a versatile addition in your collection. When you wish to break the monotony of your wrist game, this one will blend in well with your sartorial sensibilities.

3. Dive Watch

Types Of Wrist Watches Every Man Should Have © istock

Just because the name has the word dive in it, doesn't mean only divers can wear it. This watch style is versatile, easy to read and is also water-resistant. It means that when you are vacationing, even this one will come in handy with its high durability factor. This one blends well with any sort of outfit. In fact, even James Bond sported this one with his tux. It's that superior and versatile.

4. Sports Or Smartwatch 

Types Of Wrist Watches Every Man Should Have © istock

It's quite obvious that a sports watch helps you stay active, no matter what workout you choose. This one is a must-have nowadays, as it won't just show time but also will take care of your lifestyle. Light, comfortable and featured with in-built water resistance, a smartwatch is a perfect accessory that you can sport at the gym and other casual events as well. Not just that, it also keeps a check on your heart rate, number of steps and calorie count so you exactly know how rigorous your workout needs to be. Must gift!

5. Luxury Watch

Types Of Wrist Watches Every Man Should Have © istock

Not everyone is a huge fan of owning a fancy, luxury watch but if you do have the gusto to save and buy one for yourself, this classic timepiece is a head-turner. A luxury watch from Patek Phillippe or Fossil, for example, adds a distinct flavour to your outfit. This watch oozes magnificence with its innovative dial, chronograph and modern strap design.

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