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'Top Gun: Maverick' Has All Actors Flying The Jets Themselves As Tom Cruise Refused To Use CGI



A sequel to a movie is coming 34 freaking years after the first one, and people literally can't wait to watch it. Now, that's how you know you made one of the most iconic movies ever. 

In case it wasn't clear, this is about the Top Gun sequel, Top Gun: Maverick. Of course, it wouldn't be a Top Gun movie without Tom Cruise, and in this movie, Maverick will be training a group of Top Gun graduates for a unique specialized mission.

Tom Cruise Agreed To Do

That's all exciting and stuff, but the most exciting part seems to be the fact that Tom Cruise claims that no movie will ever be made like Maverick again. Since it's 30 years in the making, something needed to be done to set it apart.

Talking about his discussions with Jerry Bruckheimer, the producer, Tom Cruise said, "We just started talking. And I realized that there were things that we could accomplish cinematically."

Tom Cruise Agreed To Do

He added, "And I started getting excited about this big challenge of, 'How do we do it?' So I said to Jerry, I'll do it if... meaning, I'm not going to do the CGI stuff."

Basically, all the cool aerial fight scenes we'll see in the movie were done for real and if anyone could've made that happen, it's Tom Cruise.

Tom Cruise Agreed To Do

Cruise goes on to highlight what stands out: "You donât know how hard this movie is going to be. No oneâs ever done this before. Thereâs never been an aerial sequence shot this way. I donât know if there ever will be again, to be honest."

Since Maverick is a special character for Tom Cruise, his dedication to Top Gun doesn't seem surprising. In fact, apparently, he himself paid for his co-star Glenn Powell's pilot training.

Tom Cruise Agreed To Do

Comparing Maverick to the first movie, Jerry Bruckheimer said, "What's different about this movie is that [in the original Top Gun] we put the actors in the F-14s and we couldn't use one frame of it, except [for] some stuff on Tom, because they all threw up."

He added, "It's hysterical to see their eyes roll back in their heads. So everything was done on a gimbal. But in this movie, Tom wanted to make sure the actors could actually be in the F-18s."

The movie is set to release on June 24th and hopefully it won't get delayed since June is still far away. We really hope that we have a cure for the Coronavirus by then and don't have to wait longer to see these badass never-seen-before air fights. 

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