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Birds Flying Freely Amid Janta Curfew While Humans Caged Inside Is Ironic & People Find It Surreal



Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in a televised speech on Thursday, urged the nation to stay indoors on Sunday to contain the spread of the deadly coronavirus which is wreaking havoc across the globe. 

As per the reports, the number of coronavirus cases in India has crossed 324 so far and itâs only increasing each day. To fight this deadly virus, many countries across the globe have gone on total lockdown.

People Witness Birds Flying Freely Amid Janta Curfew © Unsplash

In todayâs Janta Curfew, itâs ironic to witness animals roaming around freely on the road and people locked inside their houses.

If not anything, the whole situation has certainly made the entire human race to realise how badly weâve exploited the mother nature and now it is making us pay for our deeds. 

People Witness Birds Flying Freely Amid Janta Curfew © Unsplash

Today, ANI shared a picture of a flock of pigeons gathered in Connaught Place, Delhi area, as people have restricted their movements in the city amid the Janta Curfew.

Checkout the post here-

Delhi: A flock of pigeons gather in Connaught Place area, as people restrict their movement in the national capital amid #JantaCurfew today announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. pic.twitter.com/axyxt8fUxX

â ANI (@ANI) March 22, 2020

Now that the people are staying indoors and practicing social distancing, animals and birds are roaming freely outside and are exploring the city, that looks nothing less than a ghost town.

The post, shared by ANI, has already garnered around 6.6K likes and 1.5K re-tweets on Twitter within minutes of getting shared.

Hereâs what people on social media have to say about this situation:


Rise of planet of pigeons!!

â The_Muffin_Man (@MuffinMan_78) March 22, 2020 So trueâ¦

Humans Caged.
Birds Set Free.

( Nature )

â Sumit (@iamdecipherable) March 22, 2020 Best illustration of the situation.


â Deep N Mahadani (@dn_mahadani) March 22, 2020 Makes total sense.

One Pigeon to another pigeon: what the hell happened to humans

â KA KA CHI CHI (@_Sickularslayer) March 22, 2020 On point!

Nature is again explaining its importance ..... Nature will remain only then you will also remain a human form .... Selfish do not live long.

â Vikas Singh (@Sanatan14191) March 22, 2020 What other option do we have?

Definitely a sight to watch, digitally though

â Shakti Prasad Sarangiâ¡ (@iamshakti93) March 22, 2020 Exactly!

Planet earth is healing it was tired by all the hatred since decades

â Vinay (@vinaygo03260194) March 22, 2020 Indeed.

Humans are caged & the true owners of nature are free now! What a balancing act by Nature pic.twitter.com/JUqNjsHwb8

â Piyu Nair ââï¸ ð®ð³ (@Piyu_Nair) March 22, 2020

The scientists across the world are trying really hard to find a cure and meanwhile all we can do is to take preventive measures and stay indoors

Many countries across the globe are on complete lockdown and many are on its way to adopt the same strategies in order to contain the deadly virus. Itâs time that we realise and wake up to the alarms given by the mother nature or else we are calling the âapocalypseâ upon ourselves.

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