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Found 134 results

  1. SHC issued orders while hearing a plea filed by activist Jibran Nasir regarding transfer of officials
  2. Producers Barbara Broccoli (L) and Michael G. Wilson pose for photographers on the red carpet at the world premiere of the new James Bond 007 film "Spectre" LONDON: The next James Bond will not be a woman, the movies’ producer said in an interview, as speculation mounts about who could replace Daniel Craig as the legendary 007. Craig, 51, is due to step down after the latest Bond film, “No Time to Die,” which will be released in April. Rumours abound over who could replace him and whether the next Bond will be female but Barbara Broccoli told Variety it would definitely be a man. “He can be of any colour, but he is male,” said Broccoli, a producer of the film alongside Michael G. Wilson. The Bond franchise is one of the movie world’s most lucrative, with 2015’s “Spectre” raking in $880 million at the box office worldwide, while “Skyfall” in 2012 grossed more than $1 billion globally. Broccoli said she believed in creating strong female characters, but added: “I’m not particularly interested in taking a male character and having a woman play it. I think women are far more interesting than that.”
  3. If you notice that your skin does not have the same texture across the face then you probably have an uneven skin tone. Uneven skin tone can refer to a tonne of underlying issues ranging from uneven texture to blotchy skin to hyperpigmentation and even facial redness. When uneven patches of discolouration develop on your skin, it can also be called hyperpigmentation. One of the major factors behind hyperpigmentation is the harmful UV rays of the sun. The rays accelerate the production of melanin in the skin that causes uneven skin tone. But here's how you can take care of it: 1. Get A Sunscreen, Stat! © Getty Images When it comes to getting rid of uneven skin tones, you don't want further damage. So, make it a point to cover yourself with the appropriate sun protection whenever you step out of the door, to avoid the harmful UV rays. Whether it's visibly sunny or a cold winter day, wearing a sun lotion all year round is advisable, as your skin is still susceptible to UVA or UVB damage, which is one of the major factors behind uneven skin tone. 2. Regular Exfoliation © Getty Images Using a gentle exfoliating scrub on a weekly basis is one way of bringing back even skin tone. Exfoliation weeds out dead skin cells from your face to the new skin underneath. You just have to massage the exfoliator into the skin and rinse it off. One shouldn't exfoliate too aggressively, though, as this could cause further skin issues like open pores that you want to stay away from. 3. Keep The Skin Hydrated One should focus on trying to be adequately hydrated at all times so by extension, it reflects on your skin's health. Dehydrated skin, can appear dull and lifeless and will further emphasise an uneven skin tone. Keep your skin hydrated by drinking water at regular intervals. This is anyway good for your skin. 4. Use An Emollient © Getty Images If your skin tends to break out often, then you know that the aftermath is not a good picture either. Blemishes can be apparent on the skin and further highlight the uneven skin tone. It's important to use an emollient to keep your skin moisturised and hydrated. In a situation wherein your skin is dehydrated, it might produce more sebum than usual, which means more spots and blemishes. Try a light moisturising day cream for essential topical hydration or an effective face serum and moisturise generously. 5. Hide It With Makeup Makeup is a temporary solution to nix an uneven skin tone if it's really that apparent to the eye. Products ranging from a tinted moisturiser, foundation, colour correctors and concealer can help hide the blemishes, discolouration, and unevenness. Some can take a while for lasting coverage, while other products are just a swipe away (and some quick blending) from making your skin even-toned. View the full article
  4. It can be horrifying to spot your very first grey hair strand. The grey strand is synonymous to the ravages of time that you're no exception to either. The good news is, none of us are. However, if you're someone who wants to hide the greys, (that's completely normal too) you should probably read ahead: 1. Don't Pluck It Plucking the grey is damaging to the follicle in the long run. It's best to dye it so the dye only gets to the shaft of the hair. Damaging the hair follicle might lead to hair fall. Alternatively, you can cut them shorter if you just want to remove them from sight. 2. Focus On Getting Strong Hair © Getty Images Switch your shampoo and conditioner with a formula that has hair brightening qualities. That will ensure that any grey hair strands you do have, get acclimated to the change, and visually it doesn't project a stark difference to others looking at you. 3. If You Plan To Dye It, Being Subtle Is Key It's always best to go to a professional colourist whose job is to make your dyed hair look all-natural. But, if you have just a few spots and small patches to fill, you can spot-colour by matching your tone with the various drugstore options. 4. Use A Hair Oil © Getty Images Generous use of hair oil softens and relaxes the hair which is good for hair growth in the long run. Hair oil will also give your hair a healthy sheen that prevents the greys from looking dull and brittle. View the full article
  5. It's always a little disappointing to find out that the skincare that you've been investing in, so far, has little to no effect on your face. Especially, if you want to get rid of pimples, scarring, skin discolouration, among other problems, as soon as possible. But one should know that there is a way of applying these products on your skin that can, in fact, maximise the benefits on your face. These steps include: 1. Are You Consistent With Your Skincare? If you're not, it's hardly practical to expect visible results. To see results that are visible you need to be consistent with your skincare. So, if the product demands you to apply skincare every single day then you should do that. 2. Wash Your Face Before Applying Any Product The primary reason behind cleansing your skin is the fact that applying any decent skincare product on top of clogged pores causes breakouts. So, then without cleansing, applying these products is going to be counter-intuitive. © MensXP 3. Add A Mask To Your Skincare Routine Adding a mask to your routine is going to give your skin the additional benefits that will also make your skin porous so that it can absorb the goodness from the products. Essentially, the mask acts as a catalyst for the products just to enable maximum results in less time. © Getty Images 4. Balance The pH Of The Skin In order to balance the pH levels of the skin, you need a toner that'll balance the pH levels. You can either use witch hazel or a toner, either way, it helps against environmental stressors like pollution and bacteria. Try Thayer's Original Witch Hazel. © Getty Images 5. Apply Facial Oil In The Night Not everyone uses facial oil with their skincare routine but they should, as the essential oil acts as a barrier against outside elements that might harm your skin. © Getty Images View the full article
  6. If you're lucky to get an invite to a New Year's party today, good for you. But before you get busy chugging glasses down one after another, you should factor in the morning after hangover especially if you have somewhere to be. The NYE parties have a way of serving the worst hangovers the morning after. © Getty Images So here's a quick guide to pace your drinks well tonight: 1. Pre-Booze Prep Is Important This prep includes taking the right pills. For the uninitiated, there are pills out there that you can take that make sure that the morning after hangover doesn't hit you that hard. Besides this, you can also stock up on vitamin B and multivitamin tablets that help you turn the food into energy since this gets depleted once you start drinking. Try Himalaya Party Smart Capsules. © Himalaya 2. Keep Yourself Hydrated Being dehydrated is also one of the major reasons behind a hangover. It's always smart to pace your drinks by adding a glass of water after every other drink to fend off dehydration. Additionally, coconut water or an energy drink like Gatorade works even better. So make sure you're drinking these to keep yourself hydrated. 3. Don't Start Drinking On An Empty Stomach As a thumb rule, you should never be drinking on an empty stomach. Drinking without eating anything can pass quickly from the stomach into the small intestine, where most of it is absorbed into the bloodstream. This then intensifies all the side effects of drinking, such as your ability to think and coordinate your body movements which translates into a bad hangover the next morning. View the full article
  7. What is pore blockage exactly? If you're suspecting that you have it on your face, but aren't certain then read ahead. In order to learn how pores get clogged, we need to know the function of sebum. Sebum is the oily liquid that comes from sebaceous glands. The function of sebum is to keep the skin hydrated, but when it's mixed with the dead skin, bacteria, and environmental debris, it ends up clogging your pores with these bad guys. So, how do you know if you have clogged pores? The pores will appear to be larger and even darker (in some cases) than usual, or they can give the appearance of black dots on the face. It's normal to think that they might be blackheads because most dermatologists don't agree between the distinction of the two. But regardless, both of them are treated the same way. 1. Don't Squeeze Them Out Resist the urge to squeeze these out. If you constantly squeeze your pores, the wear and tear of squeezing will eventually make your pores bigger over time. This will lead to visibly open pores over time. © Getty Images 2. Exfoliation You need to be exfoliating regularly, but not with the usual kind of scrubs. Physical scrubs can only increase the wear and tear in the skin. You need chemical exfoliation with scrubs with Salycic acid. 3. Top It Up With Retinoids Retinoids can help calm inflammation and also prevent cells from pore-clogging. They're more like a pipe cleaner for the pores when it comes to the skin. Try StBotanica Retinol Advanced Anti-Aging Day Cream. © StBotanica 4. Get Oil Absorbing Products Oil-absorbing products like a clay or charcoal mask help absorb excess oil production, that occurs from time to time. This way you're preventing further blockage. Try Beardo Activated Charcoal Peel Off Mask. © Beardo View the full article
  8. Data transfer clauses used by Facebook are legal, says EU court adviser. Photo: Facebook logosThe legal adviser to the European Court of Justice said Thursday the rules governing the transfer of user data to the US by social networks like Facebook are valid. Advocate General Henrik Saugmandsgaard Oe's opinion is not binding on the court, which is considering a complaint by an Austrian Facebook user, but it is influential. A spokesperson for the US tech giant gave a cautious welcome to the advice, and said: "We look forward to the final decision from the CJEU." But the EU lawyer's statement is not a full endorsement of the "standard contractual clauses" that govern the transfer of EU user data across the Atlantic. He warned that, where non-EU law conflicts with European privacy protections, it is the firm exporting the data and local regulators that must ensure compliance with Brussels' rules. Max Schrems, an Austrian activist, had complained that Facebook should not be allowed to transfer the data of European users to its US servers via its Irish subsidiary. The Irish internet regulator referred the matter to European justice. Saugmandsgaard Oe said exporting such data under standard EU safeguards is valid as long as the country in question's data privacy standards have not been deemed inadequate. The International Association of Privacy Professionals said many companies around the world would "breathe a sigh of relief" that the standard clauses are likely to be upheld. But it warned that the US companies could still face questions in the future. "But, those sending data to the United States will recognise that today's opinion calls into question the sufficiency of US protections," it said. "Near-term diplomatic discussions between US and EU authorities will be needed."
  9. KARACHI: Online ride-hailing transport company Airlift made an important announcement on Sunday about implementing Sindh Government's rules. In a statement, Airlift Director Syed Mehr Haider said that the company will adhere to all the conditions...
  10. Wearing denim to the office is often considered to be “casual” and is often reserved for the last working day of the week. Hence Casual Fridays. But what if we told you that not only can you wear denim to the office every day, but to your boardroom meetings too, and still look like a boss? © Instagram/kartikaaryan Seems far fetched, doesn't it? Well, you can, as long as you take care of a few things. By the way, you may want to ditch those funky t-shirts, if you're really going denim. The Right Fit Is Key © Instagram/akshaykumar Your office is not the place where you want to experiment so it's better if you stay a little conservative and don't go overboard with fits and sizes. Always go for pairs that fit you well and don't stick out from the wrong places. Not only is that far better looking, a pair of denim, much like a suit, has a really profound impact when they fit you really well. Go For A Dark Wash © Instagram/abhilashatd This is something that you don't need to follow religiously, but try to go for dark washes, be it a pair of jeans or denim jackets. Again, think of making an impact and a lasting impression. Of course, you can wear light washed denim, but for some reason, they don't translate that well into a corporate setting. Stay Away From Distressed Pieces © Viral Bhayani Like point 1 says, you ought to keep things a little conservative, especially if you are eyeing that corner office and don't want to take chances with your promotion. A pair of distressed jeans is only unnecessarily screaming for attention without doing you any good. And while you're at it, avoid going denim on denim, unless, you have an exceptionally strong layering game. Wear A Blazer Or Something © MensXP You have no idea how many situations can be salvaged if you just put on a blazer. And, if you can make things a little interesting with the blazer without going overboard, go for it. Not only does layering add an air of sophistication and panache, it always goes a long way in amping up the appeal of an ensemble. Think Above The Belt © Instagram/abhilashatd Although a regular denim jacket may be a strict no-no for the office, with clever layering tactics, they can really work well for a basic outfit. Especially if you have colour co-ordinated your layers. Watch Your Shoes © Instagram/ishabhansali Sneakers in the office may be acceptable, but they certainly aren't in the boardroom. Wear something that has a regal appeal to it, like a pair of really exotic leather boots. If you're really confused, a pair of good ol' brogues or even a pair of simple oxfords always does the job. Embrace Minimalism © Instagram/ishabhansali Embrace minimalism with open minds and open arms especially when you're accessorising. That, however, does not mean that you'll forego accessories altogether. Wear a simple, but classically designed watch, one of those timeless pieces with a leather strap. And for heaven's sake, don't wear a bracelet, armbands; they look just tacky. Whether you're planning to go for a denim jacket or a classic pair of denim jeans, simplicity is the key. That shouldn't stop you from experimenting. View the full article
  11. A lot of millennials today barely have time to shine their shoes, leave alone getting into a serious relationship. Just like everything else in their life, a so called 'relationship' has to be fast paced, frivolous, with not much commitment or any work attached. While some are still shielded by their want and need of love, for many, it's just a concept that may or may not come their way, so they do whatever they can to feel it as temporarily as they should. © Getty images Heartbreaks have become a way of life and instead of experiencing the entirety of a heartbreak to give oneself a clean slate, a lot of people usually fill the void through another quick relationship, *** or dive deep in to work. But the most common result of a callous relationship's free lifestyle or a heartbreak is having casual *** with maybe one or two people who become constants in your life. While that's a terribly flawed concept, it works pretty well with fast-paced millennials and has been since a while now. 'Friends with benefits' is a noted phrase now and it has other variants too like 'f*ck buddies' or even 'hook ups'. But the logic remains the same. It's sort of a 'situationship' where you're having *** with each other but don't completely give in to each other's wants and needs and don't expect anything more than *** and a few cuddles post ***. © Getty Images Well, if you want to maintain this equation, it's rather easy with all the laws of physics and chemistry combined. You will always have physical satisfaction, your desires will be met each time and you won't have to commit to a thing, while you carry on in life with a boatload on your shoulder and an earworm stuck in your head. But if you do want to find a friend with benefit or already have one, you have to be sure they remain just that. Anything more than that is just murky territory. And if you cross that, you'll be left confused and will definitely start anticipating your next move with the person. If it's just ***, it should remain just that, unless both of you decide to explore the 'feelings' part of it, which in any case is a bad idea with the person you'd decided just to sleep with. So, in case you have a friend with benefits out there, here are the 5 simple rules to keep things casual and uncomplicated. (1) Stay Emotionally Neutral By emotionally neutral, we mean you can't get too attached. That's dangerous. If it's just *** then why do you need them to fill that extra emotional void too? Not like you're looking for a relationship right? Which also means you're not allowed to get jealous if they're hanging with anyone else or going on dates with other people. You guys share an absolutely different bond and if you do start to develop feelings, it's best to stay away then. (2) Keep Your Cuddles Minimal For the sake of this equation, I hope you're aware of the fact that certain chemicals are released in your brain post ***. And when these chemicals are released, people, mostly women become more emotionally attached. So, if you both are clear about the fact that it's just ***, maybe just keep it to that. Which means you don't have to cuddle post *** and act cosy like any couple would. If you feel the need for a cuddle then maybe you want something more than just ***. Also, if we're talking about cuddles, it's best to not sleep over either. You may wake up in the morning wanting to hug and cuddle the person who's given you a good night. Not a good idea! Also, sleeping together increases the dependency factor a notch. (3) Always Know This Equation Has A Shelf Life Eventually, it has to come to an end. What were you thinking? That you're going to remain *** buddies for life, even when you're 70? Sometimes in life you'd want to meet someone who you can probably spend your life with, but this is certainly not that person, unless of course, you both establish that. So, know that this is as temporary as a good beach holiday and that you don't owe each other anything. Also, be clear that one day this will come to an end, as all good things do. (4) Don't Communicate As often Nope, you're not a couple, you don't share something special and you're not here to stroke each other's ego or validate your existence. You're merely here to have a no-strings-attached sexual relationship which probably is a great stress-buster for the two of you. So, keep your conversation minimal. Obviously you'll be conversing when you do want to get together, but apart from that, the usual life updates and meme sharing etc. should be kept absolutely minimal. Unless of course you guys are friends an don't mind a banter every now and then. Which also indicates that you should not hook up say five times a week! That'll make you very dependent on *** to let go of whatever you're facing and you will in all probability get attached to the person you're seeing and sleeping with five times a week! (5) Choose Your Friend With Benefit Wisely This is very important. You don't want anyone who wouldn't want a no-strings-attached equation. I mean, if you're looking for a bit of a romantic fling along with a *** partner then it's a different ball game altogether but if you're looking for just ***, choose someone who's looking for just that too. Which means the person shouldn't be clingy or want to know more about you than what you want to tell them. They shouldn't be demanding or expect anything from you - obviously shouldn't be falling in love with you! Well, you really can't tell if that's going to happen in the beginning but you can read the signs clearly if someone starts developing feelings for you. That's when you know you have to nip it in the bud and distance yourself because you're far from committing to someone. As long as you know who you want and they want the same thing as well, you're good to go. Even though having a friend with benefits is an old concept, dating back to when sexual expression became a bit more free than it used to be, it's implications and the way it should be carried out remains the same till date. So, if you're in that transitioning phase in your life where you don't want a full blown relationship or even an emotional fling, you can always get comfort from another in ***, as long it's consensual and they're is treated right, by you. View the full article
  12. Judge rules against Brad Pitt in Hurricane Katrina home construction case. Photo: PopSugarBrad Pitt has his fair share of troubles in spite the success and fame that has come to him throughout his extensive career.The 55-year-old Fight Club actor...
  13. The guru of romance and relationships, Karan Johar aka KJo is coming out with a brand new show, which will be all about love, on Netflix, and we can't wait to check it out. Known for his charm, wit, and for creating larger-than-life cinematic experiences, Karan Johar is back with something exciting for his fans and friends. Everyone's BFF, Karan is setting the stage to give love a new perspective and this time, it's without conjecture. 'What The Love? With Karan Johar', a one-of-a-kind dating reality show will be hosted by the man himself. Known for telling great love stories, Karan will be sharing his thoughts on love and relationships, but with an unexpected twist. Netflix Remember a time when dating shows were a thing in India? It was what drove huge amount of numbers towards actual reality TV and to recreate something similar right now is the need of the hour. Why, you ask? Well, because, dating and relationships have become so frivolous and rushed in the general, everyone wants to flee to see 'what's next', through a dating app. But maybe we all need a little 'old-school' 101 on romance and we can't think of anyone better than KJo himself, who, will in all probability, help couples figure out how to hold on to love rather than holding on to an escape plan instead! This is probably not how presents work but on the occasion of his birthday we've decided to gift ourselves a dating show hosted by @karanjohar. What The Love? With Karan Johar, coming to Netflix!@BBCStudiosIndia pic.twitter.com/edK73FeDrU — Netflix India (@NetflixIndia) 25 May 2019 Where there's chemistry, there's always a way! Can't wait to join the Netflix India family and spread a whole lotta love! @BBCStudiosIndia #BBCStudiosIndia #BBCProduction https://t.co/5wjAyHdP5N — Karan Johar (@karanjohar) 25 May 2019 Sharing Netflix's post, Johar wrote, “Where there's chemistry, there's always a way! Can't wait to join the Netflix India family and spread a whole lotta love! @BBCStudiosIndia #BBCStudiosIndia #BBCProduction.” Stay tuned to Netflix for more on 'What The Love? With Karan Johar'. The show is produced by BBC Studios India and promises to embrace love like never before.
  14. Growing up in a nation full of cricket-crazy men, we find it unbelievably unlikely that comprehending and understanding the rules of the game would be difficult. It's pretty simple, hit the ball with the bat and make runs. If the ball rolls to the boundary, it gives you four runs. If it flies across, it's a six. The team that ends up with the highest total wins the match. Easy, right? But there are people in this world who possess the talent of being able to ruin almost anything in this world and that is exactly what happened to this poor American YouTuber. 26-year-old, former American football player and current YouTube sensation, Conner Sullivan made plans to visit India, the land of diversity, Royal Enfield and well, cricket! During his time in the national capital of New Delhi, Sullivan decided to check out an Indian Premier League match between Delhi Capitals and Kings XI Punjab. Unaware of what goes on in a match of cricket, he bought a ticket to the Firoz Shah Kotla stadium and entered in the final overs of the second innings. © YouTube/Conner Sullivan To his excruciatingly hard luck, he met with a self-proclaimed Indian “professional cricketer” who decided to stick with him for the rest of the evening because that's how we are. We are overfriendly people, guys. Whenever the poor vlogger asked why something was happening the way it was, our buddy's answer was “because I am a professional cricketer”. © YouTube/Conner Sullivan Our “Professional Cricketer” With Sullivan “It is Indian baseball,” the man in black once shouted, to the hard cringe of every Indian cricket fan who watches Sullivan's videos. The guy even ruined 'lassi' for the pitiful American, who tried his best to become a part of the Indian culture by calling the beverage by its original name but our “professional cricketer” had to call it “sugar buttermilk”. Why? “Because I am a professional cricketer!” Check out the full video here:
  15. With the game of cricket getting modernised every year, the supreme body of cricket, the International Cricket Council (ICC), seems to be on their toes to keep up with the demands of the day and age. After a long while, ICC came up with a new set of rules ahead of the upcoming Test season and the maiden Test Championship, on Monday. In further changes ahead of the World Test Championship, the tradition of the coin toss will be replaced by a @Twitter poll, allowing fans at home to decide who bats and bowls! pic.twitter.com/7wOuB8psZJ — ICC (@ICC) April 1, 2019 ICC seems to have gotten too comfortable with their audience that they gave most of their decision making power in the hands of the fans. Inspired by the game of tennis, ICC introduced new terminologies for 'No-balls' and 'Dot balls' to be called 'Faults' and 'Aces'. Two minor changes will be made to cricket terminology with no balls and dot balls to henceforth be known as 'Faults' and 'Aces'. pic.twitter.com/3gFdhO4c59 — ICC (@ICC) April 1, 2019 Another change has been in the scoring, as the runs scored in day/night test matches will be counted as double, creating a new level of excitement for the fans. Runs scored in the evening session of day/night Tests will count double, creating a new and exciting strategic element ðâ2ï¸â£ pic.twitter.com/Hqzzwe8sbY — ICC (@ICC) April 1, 2019 Can you take two wickets in one ball? Well, that will be permitted from now on, as ICC has allowed the bowling team to make a run out happen after catching out a batsman, giving birth to the rule of “Double Wicket Play.” After taking a catch, the fielding team will be permitted to complete a 'Double Wicket Play' by running out the other batsman â pic.twitter.com/1XN6rAT9lD — ICC (@ICC) April 1, 2019 Promoting social media is also high on ICC's priority list, for which they have asked all the teams to write player's Instagram handles on the back of their jerseys. As part of our efforts to make the game more appealing to younger generations, the ICC will be applying both numbers and Instagram handles to kits from the beginning of the World Test Championship. pic.twitter.com/XnvantQfc9 — ICC (@ICC) April 1, 2019 Other than these rules, here are some other which would interest every cricket enthusiast around the world: Should the temperature reach 35°C, the ICC's updated playing conditions will allow all Test players the option to wear shorts âð¡ pic.twitter.com/TEFHahhPkL — ICC (@ICC) April 1, 2019 In a move to bring fans even closer to the sport, broadcasters will have the option to position commentators on the field of play behind the slips cordon ð pic.twitter.com/l8FMdFcCZ9 — ICC (@ICC) April 1, 2019 And finally, should teams be level on the World Test Championship table, the first tie-breaking criteria will be 'Away Runs.' So which of these initiatives are you most looking forward to? ð¤#CricketNotAsYouKnowIt pic.twitter.com/HHxUvxdv7k — ICC (@ICC) April 1, 2019 While it is pleasantly surprising for ICC to take a radical approach towards cricketing rules, we can't help but wonder about their intent on April Fools Day today. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments section.
  16. You obviously want to always smell good down there, but there will be times when you probably won't, particularly at the end of a heavy day. However, if not smelling good down there is a regular occurrence you should check this out. ( https://www.mensxp.com/grooming/wellness/50404-how-to-smell-good-down-there.html ) Alternatively, if you find your underwear stinking constantly, then here's what you can do about it. 1. Always Choose Cotton In terms of the fabric for your briefs, always choose cotton. Other synthetic fabrics not only have a tendency to stink more but can also produce rashes and become a breeding ground for bacteria. If you find yourself itching your balls too often, you should read this. ( https://www.mensxp.com/grooming/wellness/50566-how-to-get-rid-of-itchy-balls-or-jock-itch.html ) 2. Don't Reuse Your Underwear Instead, wash it. Have at least seven pair of underwear in your wardrobe so you never have to reuse your underwear again, Make sure you're washing and never using reused underwear. © Getty Images 3. Clean Up Well After taking a leak, a few drops might end up wetting your underwear and subsequently making it stinky. Clean up well by making use of the tissues in the washroom. Don't just stare at them. © Getty Images 4. Washing The Underwear Well Make sure you're washing the underwear well. If you find that the washing machine efficacy barely amounts to anything, wash them yourself on hand. This helps in making the washing more effective. © Getty Images 5. Get Rid Of Your Underwear After Six Months After six months, your underwear is probably worn out already, get rid of it. You need a change of underwear every six months so that you don't drag around briefs are already worn out and destroyed. © Getty Images
  17. A well-shaved face is the mark of a true gentleman. Shaving is an art in itself, we believe, and if you do it right, there's nothing classier than a clean shaved man. But every art-form has its struggles, and shaving comes with its own set of problems too. Improper shaving can cause a lot of issues, the most annoying being razor burns. © livestrong Razor burns not only look bad but their counterpart, the razor bumps that follow, itch like crazy and leave a trail of redness. But there's nothing some extra care and proper shaving technique can't battle. Follow these golden rules of shaving to bid adieu to those nasty razor burns: 1. Prep Your Skin © Dherbs To get a good shave, the best time to do it is after a hot shower. The steam softens your skin and facial hair. Steam also opens up pores in your skin which help in reducing ingrown hair, which cause razor-burns. Using a conditioner on your facial hair helps soften it even more, making way for smooth AF skin post shaving. Also, exfoliation is necessary so that you have a clean, smooth surface to work with. It also helps get rid of teeny-tiny hair that clogs the pores and results in razor-burns. 2. Shave Along The Direction Of Hair-Growth © mandatory Most men usually shave against the direction of hair-growth. You get a close shave indeed, but you also risk cutting up your face and causing razor burn. Shaving with the grain will reduce the chances of irritation and won't cause razor bumps and ingrown hair. Don't forget to lather up your shaving cream well. A simple step that'll just take just five extra minutes, can do wonders for your shaving routine. 3. Clean Your Razor Blade With Alcohol © asuperiorshave Razor burn and skin irritation, result from bacteria on your shaving blade. Wipe down your razor blade using some rubbing alcohol pre-shaving. Commonly available at several drugstores, rubbing alcohol is the important hygiene step your shaving routine lacks in. Bonus advice, if you didn't know already, cleaning your blade after every stroke is super important as it helps to make a clean cut and prevents chafing. 4. Towel Dry Shaving Brush & Razor Post-Shave © livestrong Dry off your razor blade with a clean towel. This way, your blades won't go dull super quick and will last longer. Wet shaving brushes can house bacteria, which will end up on your face and cause acne, irritation and razor bumps. Clean your brushes well and hang them to air-dry every time you shave. 5. Apply A Shaving Balm Or Moisturizer © netpics You might have used an aftershave all your life, but it does not provide your skin with the moisture it needs. Aftershaves can actually add to the irritation your skin is facing for a few of you out there. Shaving dries out your skin, and what you need is a shaving balm or an aloe vera-based cream/gel. It'll help reduce the redness and help your skin retain its moisture. Voila! Keep these golden rules in mind the next time you shave to achieve that buttery smooth skin texture that women love.
  18. Many things change as time marches on. Slavery was abolished, the man went to the moon, phones and tech became portable, the internet brought us closer. But through all this change EVERYONE still enjoys having ***. An important pre-requisite to having *** is the dating game, which too has changed in recent years, and is certainly not what it used to be even a decade ago. © Instagram Here are our 10 rules of modern dating all men should at least be aware of in 2019: (1) Confidence Not Cockiness Confidence is eternal, but a cocky person is an entitled brat, with insecurities. Right out of the gate, let's establish that confidence is a quality that is a must-have if one is going to seek out the correct partner(s). Confidence is not an inherent trait in everyone and is acquired through exploration of self and individual skills. This is, however, a double-edged sword. Being cocky sometimes is alright when you have the chops to back it up but no one likes somebody who is cocky 24/7. The modern woman doesn't find cocky attractive. Confidence with humility is the way to go for 2019. © Getty Images (2) Get Bumble As far as dating apps go, Tinder has been a mainstay for quite some time. For those of you living under a rock, there now exist apps that allow us to carousel prospective suitors/matches with a flick of a finger. Bumble ups the ante by making itself more user-friendly. On Bumble, women find your profile, swipe to like, and must initiate the conversation with the men of their liking. If this is not progressive thought, I don't know what is. A must have in 2019. © Getty Images (3) Be Honest & Transparent This is an old trope. But it is a golden one too. If you, like many others, enjoy the thrill and stress of dating multiple partners simultaneously, it will be far easier to manage the several women in your life if you are honest. Hiding your phone, sneaky phone calls, shady texting apps are all contributors to having a stressful love life. Be honest about your intentions and feelings, if she reciprocates and accepts you for you – amazing. If not, just keep in mind you don't want to be the kind of person that hurts someone. Being honest and transparent is the key. © Getty Images (4) Be Interesting By Developing Your Personality Being unique is not as tough as you might think. Work on becoming a well-rounded person. Go travel, experience different cuisines, have unique capabilities, go for a cross-country drive, take a yoga class, climb a mountain; be a connoisseur of life. Do things that give you more depth as an individual. Not only will this help when talking to women but, also in the long run. By being in these unique environments, you never know whom you may meet. Maybe a possible love interest is born out of mutual interest. © Getty Images (5) Get Creative With Dates Drinks and dinner is classic, but boring. Think out of the box when planning your dates; breakfast in pyjamas, a live music show, stand-up comedy, or perhaps, karaoke? The point is, be bold with your choices. Be yourself, and find someone who appreciates you for who you are and your interests. © Getty Images (6) Humour Goes A Long Way A good sense of humour is a trait that increases your viability as a long-term partner. In the short term it has a more important benefit – if you can make your date laugh, you can ease the tension and awkwardness that is typical of first dates. Making the date fun can increase your chances of a second date. Which, in turn dramatically increases the odds of you getting laid. Most importantly, though, if it doesn't go well, you'll know how to laugh it off! © Getty Images (7) Be In Shape & Dress Well Well, in line with our opinion of confidence, a fit physique will also help overcome any perceived insecurities when approaching women. Atop the healthy you, be sure to wear sharp & fitted clothes that make YOU feel good. Simply put, if you dress and feel like a million bucks, others will want to know what's in your cup too. © Getty Images (8) Practice Makes Perfect The entire saying is 'perfect practice makes perfect'. Since perfection in the dating game is unknowable, it is best to keep the charm on as often as you can. Dealing with clients and dates isn't too different. At the end of the day, you have to sell yourself to them. Be suave, cool and composed. Don't let the possibility of rejection make you desperate. If they don't like what you're selling, move on. Focus on finding someone who values what you have to offer, and won't be able to resist that curated charm. © Getty Images (9) Don't Make Assumptions Do not assume anything. We mean anything. Don't assume she's looking to be monogamous. Don't assume she drinks. Don't assume she doesn't drink. Don't assume texting early is a no-no. Don't assume you are the only one on her radar. Do not assume she likes bad boys or nice guys. Do NOT assume anything! © Getty Images (10) Chivalry 2.0 The line between chivalry and chauvinism has been blurred. Systemic patriarchy has only served as the constant fuel on the fire that is the male-female dynamic in the 21st century. A sensitive topic nowadays with all the #MeToo horror stories, some men have developed a genuine apprehension to dating with respect to how we should behave, given that we feel our gender is being torn down at every turn. However, in spite of the perceived bad apples, as men, we must be courteous, chivalrous and charming. Holding the door open, treating people with respect, offering to pay for the meal are all classics and will never go out of style. In a world full of assholes, hold yourself to a better standard. Women will respond to a man with solid morals and principles.
  19. Hi guys ! We have created a Android Application for our users. Now you can easily install and open fundayforum without opening browser or searching on web fundayforum. Just install it and with one click you can use Fundayforum Board. Apk File link is below Click at download Button for application and Please before install Go to your android mobile settings > Security > and check mark at UNKNOWN DEVICE . Run the application for installation. Thats it. If you got any errors or any suggestion please pass your comments. Thanks
  20. Why Have I Been Banned For? You can see the reason for the ban at your profile page sidebar or the top of the home page. Right below our logo you'll notice a box which states that you've been banned, what you've been banned for and how long this ban will last. What does the Reason "Copying and Pasting" mean? You copied and pasted either your own post on several threads or you've copied and pasted other people's posts. This is considered low quality posting and is against our What does the Reason "Leeching" mean? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leeching_(computing) Wrote:In computing and specifically Internet, a leech is one who benefits, usually deliberately, from others' information or effort but does not offer anything in return, or makes only token offerings in an attempt to avoid being called a leech. On Fundayforum this means basically the same. You've been found being a person who only wants to get free leaks without contributing anything to the community. How can I contribute to the community? We have several ways to contribute back to the community. To contribute you don't have to worried about posting nulled or leaked content of IPS APPS or PLUGINS here.But Before posting just check it out is it already available or not. Do not post the same stuff we won't approve those kind of files or posts. You can contribute back to the community by participating in discussions on here. We offer a couple for sections to do so. You like Poetry? We've got a big Urdu Poetry section for that! You like Quiz? We've got a Quiz Application for that! You like Islam or information? We've got sections of ISLAM and Study base knowledge for that! And if you don't have any specific topics you prefer, we still have Chit chat, Male Gossip, Female Gossip, Text Games, Etc Sections in other Forum Category. where you can talk about anything that doesn't fit in any other category. But I am banned so I can't contribute anymore? That's not entirely true. We are willing to give every member of Fundayforum another chance as long as we see that you really want to contribute back to the community. That's what this section is for. You can appeal your ban by admitting your fault or proving us that we've made a mistake banning you. What rules apply additionally to the general rules? Do not lie to us in appeals. Any hostility towards staff members will extend your ban by one month. If you are banned permanently already we might remove your appealing rights completely.
  21. Hello, I am looking for a cover strip. that you covers passed see come on it forum. from right to left. do you have that here? I have been looking for it for a while. Thanks for the responses
  22. While many consider being a 'rule-breaker' and 'trendsetter' to be a good thing, especially when it comes to one's fashion choices, it's important to look at such statements with perspective. While being different, trendy and redefining what fashion means to you is encouraged, it's also important to remember that there are certain rules of fashion that should NEVER be broken. Think of these not as limitations or hindrances to your fashion choices, but as golden guidelines that are full-proof in helping you look your absolute best. So on that note, here are five golden rules of fashion that all Indian men should make sure they follow. 1) Less Is More © Official Instagram/ Kartik Aaryan This is perhaps the most essential rule of fashion that ALL men should make sure they follow. While accessorising or layering itself can be a really good thing, especially if it compliments your ensemble, over-accessorising and over-layering is simply not cool. Not only will doing so make your outfit appear more overwhelming than it has any right to be, but it'll also make people not take you (or your fashion choices!) seriously. 2) Get The Right Fit © Official Instagram/ Shahid Kapoor You might be wearing the best trousers, the best suits, the best jackets or the best jeans for men, but they'll all be wasted if you don't wear the right fit. After all, wearing ill-fitting clothes is perhaps the biggest fashion sin you could possibly commit. Just think about it - would you want to go out wearing a suit that looks a tad bit larger or a pair of trousers that appear too tight? 3) Your Shoes Can Make Or Break Your Look © Official Instagram/ Vicky Kaushal The type of sneakers you are wearing can go a long way in either making or breaking your look. After all, you might be wearing the best Adidas shoes, the best Nike shoes or the best Puma shoes out there and still not look good because they aren't going well with the rest of your outfit. Pro tip: Opting for different types of white sneakers is highly recommended as they can pretty much go well with most of your outfits. 4) Don't Underestimate The Impact Of Layering © Official Instagram/ Kartik Aaryan Not only can layering elevate your casual outfit, but it can also make your outfit more modish. In fact, most men nowadays are anyway layering up their outfits with stylish jackets, shirts and pullovers. However, just keep in mind that keeping things simple and layering up your outfits are not mutually exclusive. 5) Whatever You Wear, Wear It With Confidence © Official Instagram/ Karan Johar Finally, whatever you choose to wear, make sure you wear it with confidence. After all, if you yourself are unsure and uneasy about what you're wearing, how can you possibly expect anyone else to embrace your outfit? So whether you are wearing a casual tee and a simple pair of trousers, or if you're adorning a funky jacket and shimmery trousers, you need to make sure you wear it confidence.
  23. How would it look if we lived real life by NBA rules?
  24. It's an unsaid fact, but most girls like it when boys come over and flirt with them. Flirting is a definite healthy way to interact with someone from the opposite ***, if you're doing it right that is. But there's a really thin line between healthy and harmless flirting and flirting where you seem like a creep to her. Sometimes you can get a little ahead of yourself and come off as disrespectful or unknowingly creepy when you do approach a girl intending to flirt with her. But remember, there's a big difference between using a dirty pick-up line and having a proper conversation with a woman. © 20th Television Respecting a woman and her boundaries is the right way to go about flirting with a woman. You can flirt all the way and win her heart by just maintaining some rules. Here's the simplest way to flirt with women, if you keep these rules in mind: Rule No. 1: Play It Right The fear of rejection, while approaching a woman, looms high and it can scare you into talking to any woman. But you need to understand, that rejection is a part of life and the only way to probably avoid it, is if you approach her politely and respectfully, rather than worrying about being funny or using a cheesy pick-up line. Just be yourself and have a real conversation and she won't reject you in the first go. Believe me, a lot of women actually like a guy to just approach them with a simple 'hey, how's it going?' rather than 'are you hurt? Because it seems like you've fallen from heaven' kinda cheesy stuff. If she does reject you, it could be because she's not looking to meet new people or is just busy and unavailable. That in no way is a cue for 'try harder'. That just means you leave her alone. Trust me, you'll know when she wants you to try harder and it's not 'I am really not looking to meet someone tonight' or 'I am out with the girls tonight, sorry'. Never take rejection to heart and act out of anger by becoming egoistic about it. You tried and she wasn't really interested. That's all. Move on! Always play your cards right. Rule No. 2: Maintain Eye Contact To know if she's interested in you and to keep her interest in you alive, always maintain eye contact with her. Not in a creepy way that'll make her uncomfortable, of course. Eye contact is a window to intrigue her further and lets her know subtly, that you're into her. Always smile, every time your eyes meet. It's best to maintain eye contact even before you start a conversation. This brings about confidence in you if she meets your gaze from afar. Rule No. 3: Observe, Don't Stare Always observe the woman you're hitting on. Observe how she gestures, what her body language is like, the way she talks, what she does subconsciously. It helps you know your moves a little bit in advance, depending on your astute powers of observation, of course. Just don't stare at her. There's a difference between observing someone and staring at them and if you don't know what that is, I can't help you bud. Rule No. 4: Always Keep A Smile Your smile is a warm giveaway of the fact that you're interested in her and you'd love to get to know her better. Even if you suck at flirting, just keep a charming smile alive on your face. It delivers a lot of confidence and exuberance and she'll know you're a pleasant guy, just trying your best to flirt and she'll definitely help you out. It's true what they say, a smile can really go a long way. Rule No. 5: Be A Good Listener Sometimes, women really dislike the fact that you keep talking to prove yourself to them. That's why it's imperative to listen as much as you talk. Being a good listener is a healthy habit and if you're just about getting to know her, then don't be all about yourself. In fact, ask her questions and learn to listen to what she says. If she sees you interested in her banter, she will definitely want to talk to you more. Rule No. 6: Approach Her Normally It's time to approach her and don't make it seem like a movie, waiting for the music to start playing, while you go in slo-mo, and everyone stares at you. Nope, that's not how it's done, mate. Just be confident, maintain that eye-contact and that smile and start with the simplest opening line like 'hey'! Rule No. 7: Appropriate Touching Is Good Don't get me wrong. I don't mean touch her and make her feel uncomfortable, but some sort of bodily contact is important to establish a connection and affection. Obviously, if she's uncomfortable, don't do it. Like this one time, I was out with a girl who had the perfect curls and I couldn't resist touching her hair or playing with them and she got so uncomfortable with that, that instead of asking me to stop, she ended our date! Well, you only learn from your mistakes, don't you? So maybe keep brushing your arm against her every once in a while. If it's a crowded bar, walk behind her and keep your hand at the small of her back. Not too low, or too high, just perfectly in the middle so you can guide her through the crowd. Touch establishes being comfortable yet flirtatious around someone. So, here are the 7 crucial rules to follow when it comes to flirting with someone you've just met. If you think you've been doing it wrong, with 0 success rate, now you know why. Keep these things in mind and you're golden with the ladies!
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