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Annoyed By His Popularity PM Modis Doppelganger From The AIB Meme Now Wants To Shave Off His Beard



Apart from stalking our ex, liking our friends' pictures and dropping funny comments on their posts, if there's anything interesting to do on social media, it is checking out hilarious memes. While we share a good laugh over those memes, AIB can be a case study for those who want to study how horribly wrong it can go for the ones who posted it. What initially seemed like a harmless joke soon went viral and triggered a lot of outrage among people. Laughing at memes of presidents and prime ministers of other countries comes so easily to us, but when our PM Modi came in the picture, people realized that they don't have ‘funny bones' in their body. 

PM Modi's Lookalike In Kerala Wants To Shave His Beard© Twitter/AIB

However, this entire incident gave us two things – one, we people can't take jokes and second, our PM Modi has a doppelganger that most of us weren't aware of. While some of us were busy criticizing the joke on social media, others tapped their inner detective and started searching for this man standing at a certain railway station with bag on his shoulder, spectacles resting on forehead and busy checking his phone. And viola! People managed to find the man who shares an uncanny resemblance to PM Modi. He is MP Ramachandran, a resident of Kerala, who apparently isn't too happy with this newfound fame after Modi's dog filter meme by AIB went viral. 

PM Modi's Lookalike In Kerala Wants To Shave His Beard© Twitter

Ramachandran told Hindustan Times, “People are misusing my picture. This has been happening for a while.” He further said, “I will shave off my beard next week” in hopes that this way he won't turn heads the next time. Ramachandran is, in fact, a fan of Modi and said, “He (Modi) is an able administrator. For the first time we feel someone is in charge.” This photograph was taken at the railway station of his hometown Payyanur and was picked up later by AIB for their meme where his photo was placed next to PM Modi's face with the Snapchat dog filter and hashtag #Wanderlust. 

PM Modi's Lookalike In Kerala Wants To Shave His Beard© Wikimedia

This is not the first time that Ramachandran has been confused for Modi. Two years ago, he was approached by a boy for a picture, while he was waiting for a train to Jammu. “There were army personnel around and they jostled with each other to pose for pictures with me.” “The picture frenzy ended up delaying the tran's departure by nearly 20 minutes,” he further said stating that he even heard chants like 'Modiji Zindabad'. 

Source: Hindustan Times  


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