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‘Stay Away From Rishabh Pant Now’ Fans Warn Washington Sundar After Seeing His ‘New Look’



Indian all-rounder Washington Sundar has had some bad luck with injuries and the COVID-19 virus in the recent past because of which his much-anticipated return to the Men in Blue has gotten delayed again and again.

However, the Chennai-born made headlines once again as he stunned his fans with his ‘new look’. Based on his latest picture on Instagram, Sundar has shaved his head and maintains a strong beard as he poses while sitting on top of a big boulder while wearing his traditional attire.

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At first, his fans were highly appreciative of Sundar’s new look and commented on his Instagram profile and Twitter account very fondly… and then the pictures made their way to the trolls and they found the exact way to convert the whole ordeal into a meme-fest.

Almost every single comment on Sundar’s Twitter handle became about the Indian wicket-keeper batter and the captain of the Delhi Capitals - Rishabh Pant. Fans started warning Sundar of not making a mistake in bowling to Pant in the upcoming season of the Indian Premier League, especially if he wishes to hold on to his new bald look.

Don't bowl to Rishabh Pant! https://t.co/AMOZbiVQHN

— Snicko (@snicko__) January 30, 2022

Just an alert stay away from rishab ,know u would meet him soon ,but don't bowl to him in nets ,make some reason and escape
Ok va bro ? Illana avlothaan https://t.co/ElEqNxc8Uq

— Kowshik (@Kowshik43211725) January 30, 2022

Rishabh Pant: https://t.co/Pd94S9x3sX pic.twitter.com/HOhPwbiPAX

— Nishant Sharma (@srcsmic_enginer) January 29, 2022

pant:- https://t.co/PRwJrtiV1f pic.twitter.com/xEmCmABQMF

— 𝘈 (@wrqthxz) January 29, 2022

Rishabh pant wants to bat against him this IPL https://t.co/E7woNRqOug

— Cricket wala ladka (@cricketwalaldka) January 29, 2022

Why Does Nobody Want Washington Sundar To Bowl To Rishabh Pant?

Believe it or not, there exists a compilation of data to prove that Pant gets triggered when a bald bowler bowls to him. It unlocks a whole new level of devastating batting within the 24-year old Delhi-born. If there is no hair on the head of the bowler, he is about to be slammed by the young southpaw, regardless of whose nation they are from. You still don't trust us? Check this out:

Cricket © Reddit - EtlRun

Pant has not only faced about a quarter of all deliveries against bald spinners, but he has also managed to carve out a fascinating career out of it. Pant's record against bald bowlers has been stellar, ranging from hammering the Australian spinner Nathan Lyon for 233 runs off 348 balls to crushing Englishman Jack Leach for 88 runs off the same number of deliveries. He's also hit at least five boundaries against every bald cricketer he's faced on the field.

While Sundar and Pant are great teammates on the field when playing for India, they are bound to face off against each other during the 2022 edition of the IPL, unless Delhi Capitals decide to buy him during the Mega Auction which is scheduled to take place on 12th and 13th February in Bengaluru.

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