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'He'll Always Remain My Biggest Crush' When An 11-YO Alia Expressed Her Love For Ranbir




There have been strong rumours going around the highly-anticipated wedding of Bollywood stars Ranbir Kapoor & Alia Bhatt. While some reports claim the wedding will be on April 17, according to others, the functions will be on April 13,14 & 15. 

However, recently, when Ranbir’s mother Neetu was asked when is she bringing her daughter-in-law home, she had gestured, “God Knows”. 

Ranbir Kapoor with Alia Bhatt © BCCL

On the other hand, when Ranbir’s uncle and yesteryear actor Randhir Kapoor was asked about the same, he had quashed the rumours saying he isn’t aware of anything and if there was a wedding to take place in his family, he’d have been aware of it. 

Despite the 'will they/won’t they' discussions, people in the media and on social media have gone into overdrive and “#RanbirAliaWedding” is one of the top trends on Twitter. 

Amid the strong wedding rumours, several older videos of the couple have now gone viral. 

In one of the videos from 2012, Alia is seen promoting her debut movie Student of the Year & expresses her love for Ranbir even then. 

In the video, she goes on to say that Ranbir is her biggest crush and will remain her biggest crush forever. 

She said, “I have always loved Ranbir, and I love him even more after Barfi. So, he is my biggest crush and he will always remain my biggest crush.” 

Check out the video below: 

#WaybackWednesday to this day when #AliaBhatt admitted she has a huge crush on #RanbirKapoor. #RanbirAliaWedding #RanLia pic.twitter.com/cxtQOOc5AP

— Pinkvilla (@pinkvilla) April 6, 2022

In another video from 2018, Alia can be seen recalling the time when she was 11-year-old & met Ranbir for the first time at Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s office who was assisting him in Black. 

The actress reveals that she had been crushing on Ranbir since the time when none of them were actors.

Ranbir Kapoor with Alia Bhatt © BCCL

Check out the video below: 

Alia and Ranbir only made their relationship official in 2018 but she had been in love with him for over a decade before that.

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