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Watch: ‘Ask Your Queen To Return Kohinoor,’ Gavaskar Ribbed British Commentator On Live TV



Having retired from international cricket, legendary Indian cricketer Sunil Gavaskar has established himself as one of the most sought-after names in the broadcasting industry. 

The ‘Little Master’ is currently part of the IPL 2022 commentary panel where apart from analysing the game, the 72-year-old also invokes laughter through his cheeky humour. 

Gavaskar produced another gem while he was on air during the March 10 encounter between Rajasthan Royals (RR) and Lucknow Super Giants (LSG)

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There was a moment in the match when the broadcasters switched to the incredible drone shot of the Wankhede Stadium, which is situated next to Mumbai’s famous Marine Drive. 

Looking at the wonderful view of the Marine Drive, the English commentator Alan Wilkins couldn’t stop himself from marvelling at its beauty. During the night when the whole city is brimming with light, the Marine Drive shines like a necklace, hence the name “Queen’s Necklace” and Wilkins reiterated just that in the comm box. 

Sunil Gavaskar just teased @Swannyg66 for Kohinoor Diamond. If British Government really does it , India would accept it wholeheartedly on its 75th birthday. #IPL2022 #RRvLSG pic.twitter.com/2yrmuFrYJ2

— Pankaj (@Pankajlembhe11) April 10, 2022

As soon as he said that, Gavaskar picked up his mic and tried to pull his legs with a cheeky reply. “We are still awaiting the Kohinoor diamond,” Gavaskar said. He even asked the English commentator if he could persuade the British Queen to return the famous Kohinoor diamond back to its rightful owners, India. 

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Wilkins was not surprised by Gavaskar’s remarks. In fact, the moment he mentioned the “Queen Necklace” he knew he would get a response like this. “I wonder when that was coming,” he replied as the two burst into laughter. 

The fans loved Gavaskar’s straightforwardness and admired the fact that he conveyed his message to the whole world, that too without upsetting anyone. Some fans got so excited that they demanded the Indian government to honour the legendary cricketer with a Bharat Ratna – the country’s highest civilian honour. 

Sunil Gavaskar ribbing Alan Wilkins about the British taking away the Kohinoor after Wilkins made a comment about Marine Drive being called the Queen’s Necklace is GOLD! #TATAIPL2022

— Aniruddha Guha (@AniGuha) April 10, 2022

Sunil Gavaskar just asked fellow commentator @alanwilkins22 to return the Kohinoor. “If you have any influence, maybe you can ask the Queen to return it.”

Gavaskar Sir ko Bharat Ratna when?

— Siddharth's Echelon (@SiddharthKG7) April 10, 2022

Thank you, Sunil Gavaskar, for reminding Alan Wilkins about the Kohinoor diamond stolen by the British, for the latter could not stop going gaga over the 'Queen's Necklace', or what we know as the Marine Drive.

— Tushar Gupta (@Tushar15_) April 10, 2022

A lot of people have demanded to get the Kohinoor back to India but I don't think anyone has asked it as cheekily as Sunil Gavaskar on Global Feed #RRvsLSG #IPL2022 #Kohinoor

— Anuj Trivedi (@anuj10trivedi) April 10, 2022

Sunil Gavaskar asked the british to return the Kohinoor diamond on air.
#IPL2022 #kohinoor

— Kshitij Kulshreshtha (@kshitijkulsh) April 10, 2022

Sunil gavaskar demanding British commentatr to give back Kohinoor #RRvsLSG

— Rohit.Bishnoi (@The_kafir_boy_2) April 10, 2022

Sunil Gavaskar asked Allen Wilkins to return of Kohinoor diamond to India on live commentary in IPL. #RRvsLSG #LSGvsRR #RRvLSG

— LSG, PBKS (@PeterParker7194) April 10, 2022

As far as the match was concerned, it went to the wire but in the end, Sanju Samson’s side managed to sneak in a close three-run victory. 

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Besides Gavaskar’s commentary gem, there were plenty of other talking points during the game. One such incident involved RR off-spinner Ravichandran Ashwin who became the first player to be tactically retired out in the IPL history. 

Well, the chances of India getting the Kohinoor back are minuscule but with this victory, the Jaipur-based outfit has jumped to the top of the points table and has told oppositions to be wary of them.

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