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Abhishek Says He Can’t Order Food, Needs Aishwarya To Call Room Service & It’s Relatable AF



We don’t generally expect celebrities to be introverts or have trouble speaking to people. Giving interviews, interacting with fans, meeting a thousand people on set, events and shoots are just a part of their job. 

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This is even more common for star kids who have practically grown up in the limelight. 

However, one celebrity kid who grew up to be a star himself, still finds it difficult to place a food order, much like us. It’s Abhishek Bachchan

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The Dasvi actor recently shared in an interview with Siddharth Kannan that he struggles with talking to strangers and can’t even call room service or walk into a hotel lobby without someone guiding him. 

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He said, “I am very conscious. People laugh at me. We're sitting in a hotel today, doing our press tour, and if there isn't somebody to help me walk through the lobby, I won't come in. I am scared to enter a place alone. I need somebody around me, I would rather have somebody who can guide me. I'm very shy that way.” 

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He shared how his wife, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, comes to his rescue and orders for him because she knows he won’t eat all day otherwise. 

"I have certain quirks. If I am outdoor and my wife will call me in the evening asking 'how's your day' whatever, normal husband-wife chat. She says 'have you eaten,' I say 'no.' She says 'okay what do you want to eat' and I tell her and then she will...I can't call room service. Aishwarya has to call (room service), otherwise, she knows I won't eat. I have this issue. I have a problem speaking to a stranger on the phone,” he added.

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Although surprising, it is definitely refreshing and relatable to see a famous personality having the same struggles as us. 

We always imagine celebrities to have it all, from confidence to smooth-talking skills, but stars like him make us believe that they are just like us.

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