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Here's The List Of The Highest Grossing Horror Movies Of All Time To Help You Put Your Freak On



Do you have a thing for movies that spook you, or the ones that give you nightmares because of what you watched? Prefer curling on the couch with bae and watch ‘It' rather than hugging them as they sob watching ‘The Notebook'? Then here's the list of the highest grossing horror movies of all time.

The list was compiled by Box Office Mojo and is pretty authentic:

1. The Sixth Sense - This movie still stays at the top in terms of a successful run at the box office. This supernatural horror thriller directed by M.Night Shyamalan tells the tale of a  boy who can talk and converse with the dead. 2. It - The entire world is talking about this movie and it's not a mere hype. The clown is back and this one is being touted to be better than the original one. The movie is climbing charts and has broken all records of every horror movie out there in the archives. 3. The Exorcist - The movie that gives shrills and chills to everyone even though it was released in 1973. 4. What Lies Beneath - The movie traces the tale of a high profile couple who encounters supernatural haunting which in return decrypts dark stuff about their own past. 5. The Blair Witch Project - The movie follows three college students who go hiking in a forest in order to make a movie about the local legend named as The Blair witch. 6. The Conjuring - There is full series dedicated to this thrilling horror flick. There is a haunted house, a helpless couple, kids and a plethora of paranormal activities. 7. The Ring - The supernatural psychological horror film is a wonderful remake of the Japanese flick ‘Ringu'. The story follows two teenagers who believe a legend about a videotape and whoever watches it, eventually dies. 8. The Grudge - This is another remake of a Japanese film and even has two sequels. The movie talks about a curse that is born after anyone dies in extreme grief. The curse is never ending and keeps repeating after every death. 9. Paranormal Activity - The series had a new way of telling paranormal stuff in the form of ‘found' footage, i.e- home cameras. If you want to binge watch a horror series, watch this then. 10. Paranormal Activity 3 - The third instalment made it to the top 10 highest grossing horror movies, so it's a legit reason for you to watch.

List Of The Highest Grossing Horror Movies Of All Time© box office mojo

Your plans for a spooky weekend should be legit now. Please ensure the lights are out, you have good company and of course, there's enough pizza for everyone.


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