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Steal Tips From These 10 Insanely Cool Resumes That Will Knock Your Socks Off



Let's be extremely honest here; getting a job during present times is not an easy task. Despite the endless number of job hunting websites and portals that are coming up every other day, the number of extraordinarily talented people across the globe is increasing equally (if not more). 

There could be a variety of reasons behind the fact that most of us aren't able to land our dream job. Lack of opportunities and skills are the major culprit. But in certain cases, despite having the perfect opportunity and the right skills, one cannot catch the employer's attention. If you are able to relate to this problem, then it is highly likely that your resume is doing you more harm than good. 

A resume is supposed to convey a lot about you in a rather concise manner and an employer is most likely to look at your resume (from a huge pile), for a matter of seconds. This increases the importance of writing an extraordinary resume even more. Because how else are you going to stand out of the crowd, before the interview? 

Understanding the do's and don'ts's while writing a resume is crucial but nowadays, so is being creative and thinking out of the box. Some people took the plunge and didn't follow the usual resume format but still managed to impress the hell out of their employers. Have a look:

1. The 'LEGO' CV

Andy Morris, a recent design graduate created a unique CV in the form of a LEGO minifigure that resembles him; holding a laptop in one hand and a miniature custom printed CV in the other. He spent two months sourcing each of the right parts to make the character look as much like him as possible.

outstanding examples of creative resumes© Andy Morris

The packaging has been designed to appear like the exclusive LEGO figures and convey all the relevant details about Andy in the most attractive manner one could think of. 

outstanding examples of creative resumes© Andy Morris

2. The 'Google' Resume

Eric Gandhi was on the hunt for a job as a web designer and decided to use the web itself to help him land the role. And by that we don't mean the job hunting portals! 

He literally used the web, the Google search result page particularly, to create his resume. If you search Google for the phrase “Creative+Hard-Working+Talented+Excellent+Designer+Unique+Autodidactic” Eric Gandhi's website would pop up right on top. Go ahead and try it.

Gandhi, who modeled his resume after Google's iconic style and search results, did manage to get an interview with Google but later on he admitted that he never got the job. Nevertheless, he got a position in some other company.

outstanding examples of creative resumes© Virb

3. The 'Box Of Donuts' Resume

No, we haven't deviated from the subject of creative resumes. In fact, this one might even be the best of the lot because who doesn't like donuts?

Lukas Yla, a marketing professional from Lithuania wanted to stand out in the crowded market and so he pretended to be a deliveryman and hand-delivered boxes of donuts directly to the hiring manager of each company he was pursuing. Inside the box was a cover letter, his resume and a link to his LinkedIn profile.

Love creative approaches to job hunting! Pretended to be with @Postmates to deliver this delicious resume! ð #tech pic.twitter.com/aSTmtWF0CR

— Jessica Scorpio (@jessicascorpio) September 12, 2016 4. The 'Box Of Chocolates' Resume

Another deliciously creative resume!

Designer Rob Jervis was frustrated with the zero responses after sending his resume to a number of firms. So he redesigned it and turned it into a box, learning how to make the chocolates inside as well (Oreo truffles, peanut butter cups, amaretto ganaches, etc). Within two hours, Jervis started receiving internship offers from reputed brands and and that eventually led to a full time job.

outstanding examples of creative resumes© Design Taxi

5. The 'Medication' Resume

Cai Griffith designed this fake medication résumé design for copywriter Jon Ryder.  The leaflet inside explained that the medicine could be used for the 'short-term treatment of acute, moderate creative pain' and gave out further details about Jon's skills.

The leaflet adds: "Drinking alcohol with Jon Ryder will not cause any adverse effects. Mixing Jon Ryder with moderate alcohol consumption after the end of the working day may improve effectiveness."

outstanding examples of creative resumes© BeeBom

6. The 'Amazon' Resume

Phillipe Dubost took inspiration from Amazon's product page while designing his resume and that got him 150 job offers and finally a job as a tech product manager at rapidly growing New York startup Birchbox. The resume lists out Philippe's capabilities as product specifications and reviews form his past employers among other details. 

outstanding examples of creative resumes© Phildub

You can check out his full page here

7. The 'Vintage Pixar' Resume

You have got to be something special if you want a job at animation giant Pixar. So in order to get his resume to stand out, creative artist Brian Moose created a vintage package to house his application. The package was essentially an old-school film case, which included a notebook featuring beautiful illustrations and notes detailing Moose's skills and previous employment history. 

outstanding examples of creative resumes© Beebom

outstanding examples of creative resumes© Beebom

outstanding examples of creative resumes© Beebom

outstanding examples of creative resumes© Beebom

8. The 'QR Code' resume 

This resume is tech savvy to its core. 

Victor Petit created two sides to his average-looking resume.  One side is your standard resume design and the other has a picture of him with a QR code. 

Prospective employers scan the code, which then plays a YouTube video, featuring Petit's mouth and transforming his paper application into a talking resumé.

Have a look at this video to understand how it really works:


QR CODE - Content-rich Resume from Victor petit on Vimeo.


9. The 'Animated Video' resume

This one is similar to the talking resume but cuter and memorable. 

Livia Natalie made her resume in the form of a beautiful animated video and covers all the information that prospective employers need to know about her, in just over a minute. So if you are an animator, you might just make a similar video for yourself and leave your employers awestruck.

10. The 'Video Game' resume

We saved the best one for the last.

Robby Leonardi is a multidisciplinary designer who specialises in illustration, graphic design, animation, and front-end development. In the past, he has worked with some really big firms like Fox, Speed TV, FX Networks, myNetworkTV, and G4 and of course, when you have such great professional experience, you gotta have a mind-blowing resume.

outstanding examples of creative resumes© Robby Leonardi

His resume is the most interactive resume that you will ever see. Inspired by video games, his resume will have you scrolling for hours.

For your own good, just click on the below link and have a look



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