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Uncorking My City : Here Are Some Not-So-Known, Hidden Gems That I Found In Bangalore



In the last decade and a half, Bangalore has become synonymous with the ever-growing tech industry in India and the never-ending traffic. We complain about the city, crib about the traffic and threaten to move out everytime things get difficult, but we seldom do. Why? Well, because no matter what, we are smitten by this wonderful city. People often wonder what is it about Bangalore that makes one fall in love, is it the climate, the people or the old world charm of the city that not many know about. Ready to answer all of these questions, I decided to venture headfirst into Bangalore's secret places and show you the real city.

The day started with me being rejected by auto drivers (just like my tinder dates) till I finally met Rahmatullah Baig, a veteran of 30 years as an auto rickshaw driver. My brief to him was simple, “Show me some beautiful places around Bangalore that I wouldn't know about”. He looked at me for a minute, smiled and said “Chalo Miya”.  So, armed with my OPPO F5, Rahmatullah and I began our journey.

My first stop was the Bangalore Palace. Tucked in the centre of the city is this Tudor styled palace built in 1878 for the Mysore Royal Family.

1Siddarth Raj/OPPO F5

1Siddarth Raj/OPPO F5

This beautiful piece of architecture is a marvel to the eyes and very picturesque to the camera. I got a great shot of the palace with the blue sky in the background.

Next, my auto driver and guide for the day suggested we stop for a quick breakfast at Sri Sagar Malleswaram, famously known as Central Tiffin Room (CTR). With a legacy of more than 60 years, this old but golden joint has one of the best Butter Masala Dosas in the business.

2Siddarth Raj/OPPO F5

Fun fact: It is one of Deepika Padukone's favourite eateries in the city.

After a hearty Masala Dosa and filter coffee, the rickshaw veered a few miles into the bylanes of old Bangalore and our auto stopped at Tippu Sultan's summer palace. This hidden gem in Bangalore is a beautiful piece of architecture and proof that kings were true connoisseurs of art. The courthouse with both gentlemen and ladies court, also acts a history museum.

5Siddarth Raj/OPPO F5

Even though the interiors were dimly lit, I managed to make the most of the low-light conditions with my OPPO F5 and clicked this selfie portrait. The security guard was gracious enough to even give me some insights on the old fashioned rockets kept in the inner sanctum.

Tippu SultanSiddarth Raj/OPPO F5

Following this, my charioteer showed me places where old structures once stood but were now replaced by Metro excavations. We finally reached an old fort near K R Market called the Bangalore Fort, whose origins date back to Kempegowda and the Vijay Nagar Empire.

FortSiddarth Raj/OPPO F5

7Siddarth Raj/OPPO F5

The doors of the fort gave away the grandeur of the regal surroundings and once inside, the elegant and calm walls of this fort will make you forget that this was actually the busiest part of Bangalore. 

8Siddarth Raj/OPPO F5

Hardened by the Mysore war, this fort in the midst of concrete buildings and flooded markets is a gentle reminder that history stands stills even as the time moves on.

9Siddarth Raj/OPPO F5

After another cutting chai break with Rahmat, the auto chugged its way to Vidhana Soudha, the house of the state's legislative assembly that is an exemplary architectural wonder.

Vidhana SoudhaSiddarth Raj/OPPO F5

One of the most expensive Government buildings ever built post-Independence, this huge structure is lit on Sundays and public holidays, unfortunately, I missed that sight but was able to capture a shot on my OPPO F5 with the skyline, wrapping my tour through Bangalore.

11Siddarth Raj/OPPO F5

Rahmat then dropped me at the metro station, but not before I captured this selfie with the wonderful man who helped me rediscover my city from a traveler's point of view.

12Siddarth Raj/OPPO F5

This glorious city trail made me fall in love with Bangalore once again and the pictures I clicked on this journey will always remain a precious memory. Thanks to the OPPO F5 that let me capture the city in its real glory with their all-new AI beauty technology feature that gives you an upgraded 'real beauty' experience in a selfie that #CapturesTheRealYou. And in my case, it just managed to capture the real traveler within me with its 20 MP front camera. Hoping to find more hidden gems like this in my city, until then, this is Siddarth signing off.

MetroSiddarth Raj/OPPO F5

Miles to go ahead, miles to click ahead.


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