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Here Are A Few 'Struggles Of A Millenial' That Will Make Anyone Scream 'Same' After Reading Them

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A hashtag by the name of #strugglesofamillenial' was recently trending on Twitter, and while our parents keep telling us that we have it easier than they did, we secretly know that the truth is far beyond this statement. 

Here's a round up of our favourite struggles which made us shout 'that's me'!

Being the most educated generation throughout history.  #StrugglesOfAMillennial

— Brian J Farnsworth (@BrianJF_Dubs) July 11, 2018

Having to listen to non-millennials sit and complain about how lazy millennials are while you are doing both your work AND theirs.#StrugglesOfAMillennial

— Scrittore (@Scrittore18) July 10, 2018

This is too real and every parent should read this please

#StrugglesOfAMillennial being described as “entitled“ by generations who enjoyed affordable housing, High interest rates, good/attainable jobs with benefits which required little education, clean air and good music.

— danny kean (@dannykeanmusic) July 10, 2018

How about never being able to buy a fuckin' house?#StrugglesOfAMillennial

— Dirtbox Murphy (@NeilMurphy327) July 10, 2018

#StrugglesOfAMillennial being called lazy by the generation that raised me.

— Just Heather (@dishs_up) July 10, 2018

Yeah, what does this even mean?

Constantly being categorized as a child when really you're 30, married, have a career and a home ð¤·ð»‍âï¸ #StrugglesOfAMillennial

— Ericka (@ericka_HD) July 10, 2018

Okay, guilty of doing this!

Waiting to eat their food before they artistically photograph it. #StrugglesOfAMillennial pic.twitter.com/QS7je52tSN

— Lil Ranna Anna (@RannaRoyalAnna) July 10, 2018

I forgot to put an emoji at the end of my message and I think now they hate me.

— Mia Cortesse (@Miacortesse) July 10, 2018

Tired of being tagged as a 'millenial'? Well, endure it for a little longer my friend, since this prejudice is not going anywhere.

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