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Trevor Noah Tried To Apologize For His Racist Indo-Pak Joke & Made It Even Worse For Himself

Why don't most people know how to apologize after making a mistake? It's a genuine question. 

Most of the time, an apology by a famous person goes something like this - “I'm sorry what I said offended a lot of people, I didn't mean it like that.” Honestly, that's not really an apology. If the person was actually sorry, it would go something like, “I'm sorry for my ignorance, I realize I made a mistake when I said that offensive thing. I will try to learn from this and better myself.” It's that simple, tbh, and a lot of people still don't understand.

I apologize for the mini-rant but Trevor Noah has gone and done it again, and he needs to be taught a lesson. If you remember, he made a racist and extremely insensitive joke about the tensions going on between India and Pakistan and the possibility of a war between the two countries.

If someone actually found it even slightly funny, they should honestly take some time to reflect on their own racism. This was a widely discussed topic and Trevor was thrashed on Twitter left, right and centre for this unfunny bit from his show 'The Daily Show'. Finally, he must have realized the backlash he was getting and tried to justify his comments, and ended up giving a half-assed apology.

Someone tried to bring up how sad it was for him to joke about violence like that, when he's seen violence in his family first-hand and can probably understand how wrong it is.

It's sad when someone who's had a violent past mocks war through a Bollywood stereotype. @Trevornoah 's mother was shot in the head by her husband(Trevor's stepfather).Imagine someone making fun of it with a Xhosa stereotype - the tribe his mum belongs topic.twitter.com/pUFrm3Iavv

— Zainab Sikander (@zainabsikander) March 2, 2019

Replying to this particular tweet, he said making jokes is how he deals with “pain and discomfort” but “I'm sorry this hurt you and others”. Please refer to the mini-rant in the starting, thanks.

Actually if you watch my stand up you'll see that I did make jokes after my mother was shot in the head. As a comedian I use comedy to process pain and discomfort in my world but I am sorry that this hurt you and others, that's not what I was trying to do. https://t.co/OuVnkHyIfG

— Trevor Noah (@Trevornoah) March 2, 2019

He followed it up by another half-assed tweet, trying to justify his actions, again.

It's amazing to me that my joke about the conflict in India and Pakistan trended more than the story of the actual conflict itself. Sometimes it seems like people are more offended by the jokes comedians make about an issue than the issue itself.

— Trevor Noah (@Trevornoah) March 2, 2019

Who's gonna tell him that his racist remarks were a minor story here compared to everything going on between India and Pakistan? Looks like he tried to again downplay the potential war by saying that no one is even talking about the conflict, instead they're offended by his joke more.

People again had to call him out, even though he's proved that it doesn't matter to him and he will continue to be a jerk about the entire thing.

Mate, your racist joke was criticised by a small section of people on social media. Don't be under the impression that it mattered more than the conflict itself. Most people don't even know you here. People have lost lives.

— Siddharth Singh (@siddharth3) March 3, 2019

What a hypocrite.

This is a seriously shitty take. Also factually incorrect. In the nations that were involved in potential conflict, the soldiers trended far more than your “joke”. It's surprising to see that racist stereotypes aren't a problem for you when it comes to other cultures.

— Sandhya Ramesh (@sandygrains) March 3, 2019

So ironic.

This response coming from someone who has made a living out of calling out others for racism and racial stereotypes and has provided the fuel for the whole "perpetual outrage factory" is possibly the most genuinely funny thing in this whole affair.

— Arnab Ray (@greatbong) March 3, 2019

Not funny at all.

You are still being a dick about a sensitive issue which involves 2 countries which are in a tense situation. You made fun of Indian armed forces without knowing how after a terror attack 44 Indian security force personnels lost their life. No it was not funny & very racist joke.

— Abhishek Jain (@iabhishek_j) March 2, 2019

Ooh, that's gotta hurt.

You are no better than the fascist nuts you make fun of. Insensitive little prick.

— Gabbbar (@GabbbarSingh) March 3, 2019

Very surprising.

Yo, the Apu accent and joking about Bollywood when it comes to India became old last century. I'm surprised you didn't throw in a butter chicken joke alongside to make it the holy trinity of the stereotype Indian gag.

— Nishtha (@RootKanal) March 2, 2019


ð pic.twitter.com/Vq7cz64f5s

— **** da SuperBowl, #Free21Savage! (@Tenji95) March 2, 2019

Don't do it, man.

The joke might or might not have been offensive/funny, but this right here is a damn shitty thing to say. A joke didn't trend more than conversations about the real conflict,  we're not absolute idiots. Which Trump supporter is tweeting for you man?
Don't do this Trevor ð¤¦ð½‍âï¸

— Sucharita Tyagi (@Su4ita) March 3, 2019
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