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People On Twitter Are Angry At PM Modi For Cracking A Joke On Dyslexia

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By now, everyone knows what's offensive and what's not, because, let's be real, it's 2019 and everyone is at least a little bit woke by now. So, it was surprising when people heard Prime Minister Narendra Modi making an insensitive joke on dyslexia.

During the Smart India Hackathon 2019, a student was talking to PM Modi about her idea for helping students with dyslexia, when he interrupted her to crack a joke. He said, “Will this work for a 40-50-year-old child, too?”

When she agreed that it would, he went on to say, “Then that will make the mothers of such children very happy.”

A lot of people think that this uncalled-for and insensitive comment was a subtle swing at Congress President Rahul Gandhi. The video obviously ended up on Twitter and people immediately started calling him out and saying how shameful it actually is for him to mock dyslexia like that.

The Prime Minister of India keeping it classy as ever. Cracking a joke about dyslexia to target a political opponent. pic.twitter.com/qLoQMwKxVH

— Pratik Sinha (@free_thinker) March 3, 2019

People are very angry.

God! When we thought @narendramodi cd not go any lower, he still manages to stoop.

As a parent I do not want my kid to listen to a speaker who'd use dyslexia as a slur and here our Prime Minister uses dyslexia to insult @RahulGandhi
This is wrong on so many levels!!! https://t.co/gQ2IZVvY0m

— Preeti Sharma Menon (@PreetiSMenon) March 3, 2019

Everyone seemed to be actually just disappointed and not surprised.

I know someone who has lived with dyslexia - and I know others who have made valiant efforts to build their lives despite the disability. Modi's remarks were in poor taste, but hardly unexpected, given his track record. https://t.co/lzcPRrm7rB

— Salil Tripathi سÙÛ٠ترÛÙ¾Ø§Ù¹Ú¾Û àª¸àª²àª¿àª² તà«àª°àª¿àªªàª¾àª à« (@saliltripathi) March 3, 2019

People also pointed out remarkable people with dyslexia who went on to do great things.

Leonardo Da Vinci,Albert Einstein, Pablo Picasso,Lee Kuan Yew, Alexander Graham Bell,Tom Cruise and many great men & women were all believed to be dyslexic & look what they made of their lives. Mocking differently abled people marks a new low in our political discourse.#Dyslexia https://t.co/H2Y747zGid

— Sumanth Raman (@sumanthraman) March 3, 2019

Very direct.

Shameful and distressing. Some of us have dyslexic or disabled relatives, friends, children and parents. Sattar saal mein pehli baar, a person with this crassness occupies the chair of the PM. Enough, Mr Modi. Yeh hain sanskar aapke? https://t.co/8wBvtjPy7q

— Sitaram Yechury (@SitaramYechury) March 3, 2019

Distasteful, indeed.

It is utterly disgusting for a PM to make fun of dyslexia for his distasteful political humor. Challenging the earth's core for a new low here! pic.twitter.com/VbBYFzp8kV

— Aakash Mawal (@aakashmawal) March 3, 2019

PM Modi is also being called heartless.

Just came across a video of our @narendramodi taking political potshots using the name of dyslexic people.

Shame on you Modi!!

You just can't go below this. Your insensitivity can't be washed away by dipping in any river. They may be slow in learning but not heartless like you.

— Siddaramaiah (@siddaramaiah) March 4, 2019

It's not something to be mocked.

Dyslexia is one of the most common learning disorders that affects 3-7% people, (traits in upto 17-20%). It is genetic (heritable) that affects reading, writing & hence learning skills but not a marker for intelligence. Poor judgement by the PM to mock a neurological condition pic.twitter.com/lJczhocUYV

— Dr. Sumaiya Shaikh (@Neurophysik) March 3, 2019

This is full-on calling him out.

Making fun of Dyslexia to target political opponent. There is no low which is too Low for Narendra Modi. Worse are the students who were clapping but cant blame them. When the PM of the Nation is such a Cheap Man, they had to entertain him pic.twitter.com/bJ7apIlpup

— Joy (@Joydas) March 3, 2019


Making fun of Dyslexia to target political opponent. There is no low which is too Low for Narendra Modi. Worse are the students who were clapping but cant blame them. When the PM of the Nation is such a Cheap Man, they had to entertain him pic.twitter.com/bJ7apIlpup

— Joy (@Joydas) March 3, 2019

Is the other thing real?

PM #Modi cracks a crude joke about dyslexia & then vulgarly laughs at it.

In the past, he has mocked the pain of parents losing a child by saying that they forget the child in a year.

Is there no limit to this man's insensitivity?#BiharRejectsModi #ModInAmethi pic.twitter.com/hWcXYt8dHV

— Shama Mohamed (@drshamamohd) March 3, 2019


When you laugh at a serious learning and cognitive disability like you're a goddamn illiterate and insensitive baboon, you set us back by years.

Years spent in trying to destigmatise, humanise and normalise dyslexia.

Wah Modi Ji, you've outdone yourself and sunken even lower!

— Aiyshwarya Mahadev (@AiyshwaryaM) March 4, 2019
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