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Delhi-Based Coronavirus Infected Man Gives A Complete Account Of His Recovery Along With Hope



As the coronavirus numbers rise every day the entire country is in a panic mode and to be honest, panic at this moment will certainly not help to fight this virus. It's like a normal cough and flu, which lasts a tad bit longer and goes away with proper treatment. Don't believe us? Well, a 45-year-old Delhi resident, the first person who was detected with coronavirus, tells us about his experience and we're glad he got the much needed medical attention at that point in time.

Delhi-Based Coronavirus Infected Man Gives A Complete Account Of His Recovery Along With Hope © Twitter

According to this 45-year old businessman, if you're a healthy human being then recovery for the virus is not very difficult. The man was the first to be diagnosed and recover from the infection with the help of reassuring and competent doctors, who made sure his road to recovery was as smooth as possible. 

He praised the facilities provided to him at Safdarjung Hospital, while he urged everyone not to panic and take proper precaution instead.

"There is no need to be scared. It is just like normal flu. If a healthy person reaches the doctor, our health system is well-equipped, one of the best in the world. Isolation ward is not like a two-by-two cell without sunlight," the man told another popular publication in an exclusive interview.

Delhi-Based Coronavirus Infected Man Gives A Complete Account Of His Recovery Along With Hope © Twitter

He narrated his incident of spending time in the hospital, and being treated with care, and being one of the two patients who were released last week, to spend 14 days in isolation at home, recovering.

"I returned from Europe on February 25 and I had fever the next day. I went to a doctor who told me it was a throat infection. He gave me medicine for three days. I recovered on 28th but I again had fever on 29th so I went to the Ram Manohar Lohia hospital. On March 1, I tested positive," he added.

"Honestly, it was difficult only till the time they had not told me I was positive. But when a team of doctors came to see me at Safdarjung the next day where I had been shifted, they made me so comfortable saying 'it is curable, you are a healthy person and it is just cold and cough and it would just go. It just takes a little more time than the usual cold and cough'," he said.

Adding to that, the Delhi man said, "I am not a doctor but it was little different than the usual cold and cough. I was at an isolation ward at Safdarjung that the government of India has created for this. The facilities were very good, it was among the best I have seen, even including private hospitals. I had a private room with a bathroom."

Delhi-Based Coronavirus Infected Man Gives A Complete Account Of His Recovery Along With Hope © Twitter

The Delhi businessman was among the first seven cases reported in the city, however, unfortunately one of the patients died from it as well. 

While treatment is becoming a bit of a task in most cities of India, currently Maharashtra and Kerala have the highest number of reported cases so far and the disease that originated from Wuhan, China has killed about 6,000 people globally.

But we can all be a bit more pre-emptive where taking precautions is concerned and individually make an effort to fight the disease. We're sure it's been reiterated enough but taking certain precautions like washing hands within an hourly interval for 20 seconds is very important. 

Staying away from crowded areas such as malls, protests sites, parties etc is a must right now. Staying at home and in isolation is the best precautionary measure and we should all do this and wait it out, till the spread dies down naturally.

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