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People Are Doing Ridiculous Things To Stay Sane While �Social Distancing� Amid Coronavirus



Social distancing is the new norm now, amid the Coronavirus outbreak, and it's probably the best news for all the introverts around the world.  

People are self-isolating and honestly, it's great to see everyone working together to stop the spread of Coronavirus as much as they can.

Since it seems like everyone will be bound to their homes for at least a few more weeks, just Netflix and Chill isn't going to cut it. After all, how much can you stream? So, to fight boredom, people are getting extremely creative and equally ridiculous.

From playing tic tac toe with their pets to playing tennis with their neighbours through windows, the self-isolation Olympics are going on in full swing.

How to defeat your Roomba.

Update: Not all sports are cancelled pic.twitter.com/VHmxFinflV

â Marty O (@martoo14) March 14, 2020 This is adorable.

âHowâs nationwide self-quarantine going?â pic.twitter.com/oP7sdQiUPA

â Matthew Foldi (@MatthewFoldi) March 14, 2020 Hmm.

self-quarantine day 7 pic.twitter.com/RZ0xJYJPup

â brutay axle (@NotYourMatePal) March 17, 2020 Everyone should try this with their pets.

âhowâs self quarantine going?â pic.twitter.com/6dzU8UjoeZ

â iqra (@iqraanabi) March 15, 2020 Maybe this as well.

Surely a candidate for a new Sport in the inaugural Self-Isolation Olympics that we surely have to get going some point soon? pic.twitter.com/b0Hv5vEuGw

â ððððððð ððð£ðð¦ð£ð¥ð ð (@mikewarburton) March 15, 2020 It happens.

me after eating all my self quarantine snacks that were supposed to last me weeks pic.twitter.com/yjZZQBQYTh

â * ⧠ð¦ð°ðªð¬ â§ï½¥ï¾ (@FREAKYPRlNCESS) March 17, 2020 A building-wide Bingo competition? Sign me up.

Coming soon to a city, town near you, in Spain they are playing community bingo to fight boredom during #COVIDã¼19 quarantine. People are finding so many creative ways to cope with isolation. pic.twitter.com/TDluO8sbU8

â FJ Newman (@fj_newman) March 14, 2020 The only valid sport.

Sports cancellations and social distancing mean getting creative.

: @atptour/@GsaLegrand pic.twitter.com/ZblPtDRjO9

â TSN (@TSN_Sports) March 16, 2020 That was impressive.

Help defeat isolation boredom, can I get a retweet or a challenger for a trick shot battle? pic.twitter.com/tzeV1TvTtW

â Hannah M (@youngandhangry) March 16, 2020 Cute.

Day 1 of #SocialDistancing: Plinko on the stairs pic.twitter.com/Rn3flL0iJJ

â NurseKelsey (@nursekelsey) March 14, 2020 So satisfying.

day 1 of quarantine pic.twitter.com/AlLxsqDToD

â it's liz (@tzukika) March 14, 2020 This should be a legit game.

Iâve invented a game of âcat cricketâ.

My cat has to defend the box from my ping pong ball.

If the ball hits the cardboard, thatâs a point to me. ð¤·ð»ââï¸

If she bats it away thatâs a point to her.

First to ten wins. ð¼

Just look at that leg glance... #Caturday pic.twitter.com/FBAUGYbND2

â Chris Lee ð»âðªðº (@CMRLee) March 14, 2020 That looks fun.

day 2 of the quarantine.. pic.twitter.com/SZ0FRwQj1s

â MΦrÏhιηεâ®Drεαɱzz⢠(@MorphineDreamzz) March 15, 2020 Ouch.

*Day 2 of no live sport*

Me and my mates: pic.twitter.com/l2bp2bBrwd

â ODDSbible (@ODDSbible) March 15, 2020 That was intense.

Day 4 with no sports:

Marble1 racing is intense! pic.twitter.com/StgO4fY8VG

â CHðISâ¥MAS (@davdchristmas) March 15, 2020 The best way to entertain yourself.

Quarantine day 6. pic.twitter.com/er652Oy3Ki

â jamie (@gnuman1979) March 16, 2020 Oops.

Me building a makeshift gym in my living room during self quarantine pic.twitter.com/KGRLuabO3A

â Eric D (@ericd) March 15, 2020 What did I just watch?

quarantine is going well pic.twitter.com/2HVA12ThYO

â addie weyrich (@spagaddie_sauce) March 15, 2020 Stop going out people, just stay at home.

Couple decide to recreate their canceled cruise #coronavirus pic.twitter.com/kRBjabMXHX

â Giles Paley-Phillips (@eliistender10) March 15, 2020

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