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Here�s How To Disinfect 10 Everyday Items Which May Be Exposing Us To Coronavirus



Okay, so the elephant in pretty much every room I enter is chacha Coronavirus. You know, just like how most of us have that one relative nobody is eager to meet and greet? Well, chacha Coronavirus happens to be just like them - too proud and too stubborn to let people just be.

Even though many of us are now doing our bit and washing our hands 50 times a day, sanitising them the other 100 times, there is no denying that the steady rise in the number of positive COVID-19 cases is a little disheartening and worrisome. 

So I put my thinking hat on and tried to figure out if only people who have returned from foreign countries, quarantine runaways and insensitive, thickheaded âdaredevilsâ could be the reasons why the virus is spreading far and wide. Thatâs when I saw my father squish his face using the phone, trying to speak to the folks back home.

That was my eureka moment when I realised that most of us are ignoring something which has been there in plain sight all this while. We have been oblivious to some of the most harmless looking everyday items around us which can very well transfer coronavirus if left unchecked. 

1. Phone

How To Clean 10 Everyday Items Like Keys, Spectacles, ATM Cards, Phones, Laptops & Others © Pixabay

First off, our phones! Weâre constantly on that thing and even without the coronavirus, it is known to be one of the dirtiest things people have on themselves. But right now itâs doing more than being just dirty, itâs also âtouching our faceâ and thatâs clearly a no go. Hereâs an easy way to clean your phone at home. 

2. Spectacles

This one too goes without saying. God knows how many times we touch our glasses or adjust it throughout the day. Obviously, the germs could transfer from our hand and land on our nose and close to the eyes - which if I may reiterate, is a strict no go. So, hereâs how you can sterilize your glasses

3. Bags

How To Clean 10 Everyday Items Like Keys, Spectacles, ATM Cards, Phones, Laptops & Others © Pexels

We may not realise it, but our bags do raise strong hygiene concerns. From resting them on the floor, to putting them through physical and machine scanners, they pick up a ton of germs. Try this easy way of cleaning your bag to avoid worrying about it constantly.

4. Stationery

This too is such an important part of our daily routine, though we fail to acknowledge the places our pens, markers, staplers, and note pads might have been to. A quick way to clean your personal stationary is to wipe them clean using antibacterial wipes and avoiding putting them on random, dirty surfaces.

5. Laptops

How To Clean 10 Everyday Items Like Keys, Spectacles, ATM Cards, Phones, Laptops & Others © Pexels

Cannot stress enough how vital it is to keep this thing clean. Not only are we constantly touching and punching it, we often end up mindlessly touching our face or even having a quick, mid-work snack while typing away and that could be highly dangerous at this point. Hereâs a quick guide to keeping a laptop squeaky clean. 

6. Cutlery

You did not think of this, admit it! If you are still being eating out, then at least do yourself a favour and chuck the cutlery. Whether at work or dining out, either carry your own disposable (not promoting single-use plastic, the wooden ones work) or regular cutlery from home. Do not risk putting restaurant cutlery into your mouth. 

7. Cigarette Lighter

How To Clean 10 Everyday Items Like Keys, Spectacles, ATM Cards, Phones, Laptops & Others © Pexels

One thing that brings a crowd of people together is a smoke break and with that the camaraderie which comes from sharing a lighter. Well, tough luck because you can no longer afford to share your lighter with others or use someone elseâs. Start carrying your own and sanitise it often.

8. Coffee Machines

Well, this involves touching a surface with your hands and therefore, could be risky at this point. We are not saying give up coffee for a while, but maybe that is just what we are suggesting because even a premix would require you to fetch hot water and that involves touching machines, unless youâre carrying your own hot water flask.

9. Metro/ATM Cards

How To Clean 10 Everyday Items Like Keys, Spectacles, ATM Cards, Phones, Laptops & Others © Pexels

Another item that evades our attention, but you know how bus passes, metro and ATM cards function. You have to swipe them, tap them or hold them out, all of which allows germs to transfer from one surface to another. Use some hand sanitizer on a cotton pad or antibacterial wipes to clean these bad boys.

10. Keys

Again, these go places with us and often land up in random places. Calling them unhygienic would be an understatement at this point. Hereâs how you can disinfect your keys though.

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