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Coronavirus: From ISKCON Temple To Mecca,10 Landmark Locations That Have Dramatically Changed



According to the Chinese governmentâs statements, the first Coronavirus patient - COVID-19âs âpatient zeroâ had contracted the virus on November 17th, 2019. Itâs been just over 120 days and close to 300,000 cases have been reported since then, and the global effect of this pandemic seems to have spread on a scale never seen before on Earth 

Coronavirus: From ISKCON Temple To Mecca,10 Landmark Locations That Have Dramatically Changed © Reuters; A combination picture shows school children leaving the primary school of Omar El Mokhtar in Cairo, Egypt March 11, 2020. The school is closed following government efforts to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

From Times Square NYC to the skies of Mumbai, things are changing rapidly - and in ways that many of us wouldnât have expected.  

With the economy finding new and unusual ways to keep chugging along, public streets seem emptier - very few are fancying vacations with air travel regulations in place.  

Hereâs how the pandemic has switched things up, at key locations around the world: 

1. The Johor-Singapore Causeway 

The causeway between #Singapore and #Malaysia is one of of the world's busiest border crossings. Here it is before and after Malaysia imposed a travel ban to stop the spread of the #coronavirus pic.twitter.com/ElwPwIjCS5

â Aradhana Aravindan (@RDchatters) March 18, 2020

This immense 1,056-metre link between Malaysia and Singapore is crucial to the backbone of maritime Southeast Asia - being the busiest border crossing in the world with 350,000 travellers daily. After Malaysiaâs government set forth a series of travel bans, not a single civilian vehicle has made the trip.

2.    The Kaabah, Mecca

(left) empty mecca source from the internet.

(right) i took it before coronaoutbreak last month. pic.twitter.com/YMwaV5jYMk

â hazwanmatassan (@Hazwanbhm) March 19, 2020

The holiest land according to Islamic scripture, Meccaâs Kaabah brings in millions of pilgrims to worship each year - although in response to over 200 COVID-19 cases in Saudi Arabia, the country announced that the customary five prayers and weekly congregations would be on hold while combating the virus, halting a religious tradition that has continued through centuries.

3.   St. Peterâs Square, Vatican City

A view of empty chairs at St. Peter's Square Vatican City.#photography #coronavirus #covid19 #Rome #Italy pic.twitter.com/f351cWTghQ

â The Z World (@TheZWorld) March 18, 2020

Similarly, the Vatican City has seen none of its usual crowds at St. Peterâs Square, the large plaza facing St. Peterâs Basilica, the largest and perhaps most artistically significant cathedral in the world - before the devastating outbreak in Italy, the grounds would draw over 50,000 people each day.

4. Traffic Hotspots, Bengaluru

That's dream come true ð https://t.co/ow0verUiUr

â Partha (@partha79) March 18, 2020

If youâve driven a vehicle in Bengaluru, itâs likely that youâve been acquainted with the cityâs mortal enemy - traffic. According to recent reports, however, Bangaloreans were stunned to see the jams calm down from 30-50 per cent since Coronavirus quarantine measures were imposed.

5. Bandra & Worli Skies,  Mumbai

Donât remember Mumbai Sky looking like this in last 10 years. pic.twitter.com/zpsx9tyWMc

â Dhiraj (@dhirajwrites) March 19, 2020

Mumbaikars this week also found themselves pleasantly surprised - while the city usually deals with hazy, lifeless skies due to local pollution, the Coronavirus outbreak has preceded a surprising drop in pollution levels - leading to social media exploding with photos of bright blue skies, a rare occurrence in the city. 

6. ISKCON Temple, Delhi

A deserted view of ISKON Temple as the temple has been closed for the general public due to coronavirus outbreak at Kailash Colony.

In Delhi, 9 positive cases of #COVID19 have been reported so far.

Track updates here https://t.co/fliRRu2d1N

(Pictures by @sanchit2294) pic.twitter.com/xf4UmMvTWE

â HT Delhi (@htdelhi) March 18, 2020

ISKCON's Krishna temples have also been hit by the virus, with the religious society choosing to turn to medical precautions and technology to keep things running. 

While it has shut doors and preached the importance of social distancing, resident devotees continue to run aartis and special prayers that are being broadcasted on ISKONâs website.

7.   Times Square, New York City

Ballet dancer and performer Ashlee Montague of New York wears a gas mask while she dances in Times Square as the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak continues in Manhattan. Photo by Andrew Kelly pic.twitter.com/kcJG3tfpOL

â corinne_perkins (@corinne_perkins) March 19, 2020

One of the most recognisable landmarks in the world, the glowing neon signs of Times Square usually shine on 330,000 people each day - and are now hauntingly empty, allowing artists to take to the streets in search of creative inspiration.

8. Taj Mahal, Agra

Pictures show tourists visiting the Taj Mahal on January 3, 2018 (L) and the same view of Taj Mahal with low number of tourists on March 16, 2020, amid concerns over the spread of the COVID-19 novel coronavirus, in Agra.
ð¸ Pawan Sharma
ð¸ @dofaget pic.twitter.com/FelNMSzYw9

â AFP Photo (@AFPphoto) March 17, 2020

The Taj Mahal was already in the process of limiting itâs 70,000 daily visitors to 40,000 due to safety and conservation concerns, yet the COVID-19 outbreak brought that total down to 0, with it shutting doors this Tuesday.

9.   Ibiza, Mediterranean Sea

Ibiza deserted by Coronavirus ð pic.twitter.com/zBjrhnDaND

â Sheikh Haidar (@sheikh_haidar) March 15, 2020

Part of countless songs, music videos and party references, it now seems like no one's too excited at the famous Mediterranean party destination. Bars, clubs and pubs all fold in front of the lack of tourists and outbreak concerns from locals.

10. Central London

The surrealness of the coronavirus crisis has really hit home after seeing the streets of central London totally deserted bar homeless people and Deliveroo drivers at 10pm on what turned out to be a very eerie Friday night walk pic.twitter.com/lXj3GQ2bio

â Maya Oppenheim (@MayaOppenheim) March 20, 2020

Perhaps even eerier than New York Cityâs streets are Londonâs  - 10 PM isnât anywhere close to early in the city on usual days, yet Londoners are finding their neighbourhoods desolate and quiet. 

Howâs your neighbourhood looking since the outbreak began? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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