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Ibrahim’s Basic ‘Bathroom Chappals’ Are Very Affordable & Fits One’s Month-End Budget Easily



Ibrahim Ali Khan, much like his dad Saif Ali Khan, does know how to dress up to impress. His most recent photoshoot should be a testament to that.

Ibrahim Ali Khan © Instagram/abujanisandeepkhosla

What is surprising for most people is that when it comes to dressing down in something super basic and simple, the man knows how to still remain fashionable. Much like Saif himself.

Ibrahim Ali Khan © Viral Bhayani

Recently, Ibrahim was seen in Mumbai, wearing a very basic outfit, which, surprisingly enough, looked very stylish and fashionable on him. Let’s have a look at his outfit.

Ibrahim Ali Khan © Viral Bhayani

Ibrahim was seen wearing a sweatshirt, a dope-looking pair of shorts and an equally dope-looking pair of slides. 

Ibrahim Ali Khan © Viral Bhayani

Given that it is peak summers in Mumbai, and it already is sweltering hot there, we are really befuddled by the choice of his upper. Although it looks fashionable and everything, a sweatshirt in such weather is a little confusing.

Ibrahim Ali Khan © Viral Bhayani

He isn’t the only one to do something like that. Kartik Aaryan, too, was seen wearing a sweatshirt in Mumbai’s ungodly heat, vert recently.

Coming to the rest of the outfit that Ibrahim is seen here in, he decided to go for a very basic pair of black shorts. The shorts that we see him wear here, are from the American casual-wear makers, Abercrombie & Fitch. The shorts retail for just over Rs 4,000. 

Ibrahim Ali Khan © Viral Bhayani

As pocket friendly as that sounds, it is nothing compared to the price of the slides. Ibrahim is seen here wearing a pair of Adilette Shower Slides from Adidas. Apart from being one of the best-selling slippers from Adidas, they’re also one of the cheapest.

adilette shower slides © Adidas

The Adilette Shower Slides are listed for about Rs 3,600 but can be picked up for as low as Rs 1,700 from most e-commerce platforms. 

adilette shower slides © Adidas

Now that seriously, is the bargain of the decade, if you ask us. Not only do you get a very stylish and fashionable pair of footwear, but you’re also getting one of the most sought after pairs of slippers ever made.

Ibrahim Ali Khan © Viral Bhayani

Coming back to Ibrahim’s outfit, the only issue that we have, is the lack of accessories. Even with a basic outfit as this one, a dope looking watch would’ve been just sublime. 

A case in point would be this instance, when Saif Ali Khan, wore a dope-looking Rolex worth Rs 8.5 Lakhs, with a pair of basic joggers and a T-shirt.

Ibrahim Ali Khan © Viral Bhayani

With that being said, the guy looks dapper in his outfit. A job well done indeed, Ibrahim, kudos.

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