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Man Who Flew As A Single Passenger From Amritsar To Dubai 'Felt Like A Maharaja'



Amid the Coronavirus pandemic, people are abstaining from traveling and especially air travel is on an all-time low. Recently, a UAE-based Indian businessman expressed how he felt like a Maharaja after traveling from Amritsar to Dubai alone as he was the only passenger on the Air India international flight.

SP Singh Oberoi, a businessman and a philanthropist booked a three-hour-long flight on Wednesday.

When SP Singh boarded the flight, he was a little hesitant after knowing that he is the only passenger on the aircraft. He told ANI, "I took my flight from Amritsar to Dubai by Air India (AI-929) on June 23 at around 4 am. I was very lucky to be the only passenger on the entire flight. I feel like a Maharaja during my travel.”

Man Who Flew As A Single Passenger From Amritsar To Dubai © BCCL

SP Singh holds a ten-year golden visa and his business operations are also run in Dubai, he said that he was treated extremely well by the crew and was also photographed inside the empty plane.

He said, “I was treated very well by the entire crew and was photographed in an empty plane, I took pictures with the crew and pilots of the aircraft.”

“If I get a chance to travel solo next time I will refuse. It is good for once in a lifetime experience. It was very boring," he added.

Man Who Flew As A Single Passenger From Amritsar To Dubai © BCCL

He further said, "I missed the usually 'Jo Bole So Nihaal' and 'Sat Sri Akal' chants that passengers from Punjab usually raise during take-off and landing of the aircraft.”

The journey wouldn’t have happened at all as he was refused permission by Air India for boarding the flight but after the Ministry of Civil Aviation intervened, he was allowed to board the flight.

Do you want to travel like a ‘maharaja’ too? Let us know in the comments section below!

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