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The iPhone 8 Might Have The Fingerprint Sensor On The Back And It Does Not Look Pretty At All



Apple's iPhone 8 is probably the most talked about upcoming smartphone out there and there seems to yet another leak that suggests something radical. Yes, we've lost count on these leaks as well. Having said that, the latest leak points towards the location of the fingerprint sensor on the iPhone 8 and it does not look pretty. 

Now let's be clear that these images are not indicative of the final design and one cannot take this as the final say. Slashleaks published a few pictures that they claim to be the iPhone 8's chassis. The picture shows that there are no innards, just a case for the body. It shows that the fingerprint sensor cutout sits awkwardly below the Apple logo. 

New iPhone 8 Leak Shows The Location of The Fingerprint Sensor© Slashleaks

There's a high chance that this picture is a fabrication as the leaks probably come out of China. Chinese firms and manufacturers are known to manufacture many knock offs and can even turn your iPhone 6 into an iPhone 7 if you want to. This picture can also be a representation of an initial prototype which may have been abandoned by Apple, however, the possibility to have a fingerprint sensor sitting at the back of the iPhone is not far fetched. 

The panel also shows the dual camera setup what is aligned vertically and is in line with other recent leaks that indicate the same possible design. The Apple logo is located at the correct location when compared to other iPhones as the panel looks like the same size and frame as other leaks have pointed. 

New iPhone 8 Leak Shows The Location of The Fingerprint Sensor© Twitter

There have been rumours of Apple embedding the fingerprint sensor underneath the screen, however, there is no firm confirmation by any analyst of reputed leakers. If the fingerprint sensor is located at the back of the smartphone, It does look rather silly underneath the logo. However, this is one of those things that may be something people will get used to. There was also a report that the iPhone 8 may have moved the fingerprint scanner to the power button, similar to recent Sony smartphones. 

Apple is also working on a 3D-face scanning feature that will add security to the smartphone and allow users to unlock the smartphone using facial recognition. The face scanning technology can also be used to make payments similar to how the iris scanner works with Samsung Pay.

As of now, we are just two months away from Apple to unveil the latest iPhone and the company is expected to tell the world about their latest smartphone very soon. 

Source: Slashleaks


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