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‘His Days Are Numbered’: Ganguly Faces Heat For Forcefully Attending Selection Meetings



Indian cricket has been marred by various controversies in the last six months. Be it Virat Kohli’s alleged fallout with the BCCI president Sourav Ganguly or his resignation from Test captaincy, the last couple of months have given the fans a lot to wonder.

One of the biggest talking points on social media in the Indian cricket community was when a journalist alleged that a ‘BCCI official’ had been interfering with the team selection matters for quite some time. The journalist claimed that the official bearer did so by inviting himself to the selection committee meeting despite knowing that he had no business of attending those meetings.

For quite some time, a BCCI official kept inviting himself to selection committee meetings even when he knew he should have stayed away.

Captain and coach were helpless. Couldn't do anything. He had no business being there.

I hope such instances are not repeated in the future.

— KSR (@KShriniwasRao) January 26, 2022

At the time, the journalist received a lot of flak as people accused him of spreading misinformation. In fact, not just fans, even veteran off-spinner Harbhajan Singh called him out and asked him to share with the whole the world the name of the said individual.

They say there is no smoke without fire. And it looks like the journalist’s claim had some sort of truth behind it and if reports are to be believed, that BCCI official was none other than its president Sourav Ganguly.

What's Ganguly's role in selection meeting?
This is clearly against BCCI's constitution. pic.twitter.com/9rjjoLNESq

— Shivam Aks (@AksShivam) January 31, 2022

Recently, a video has gone viral on social media where two sports journalists can be heard criticising the former Indian captain for attending the BCCI selection committee meetings and interfering in the selection process.

After the video started doing rounds on the micro-blogging site, Indian cricket fans started bashing Ganguly and secretary Jay Shah for undermining the role of different stakeholders and ruining Indian cricket.

sourav ganguly jay shah © Reuters

As per reports, Ganguly and Shah’s extended tenure at the BCCI will come to an end in October this year but given how messed up the situation is, many people are sceptical if they would last that long.

So it was @SGanguly99 who was the BCCI Office guy who was in all selection meetings so far. This was in KSR tweet a few days back also .

Very clear the “Source” for Boria & other media houses on selection & other BCCI matters . You’re a disgrace Ganguly. https://t.co/wHxrAfTBBc

— Srini (@softsignalout) January 31, 2022

This conversation came on TL 5 days ago. At that time, wasn't sure if I should believe it. But with the video which has come out today, if it has even an iota of truth, then the affairs in the board are more messy than what we think.

What a sad state of affairs really. pic.twitter.com/ahqTfrbYSp

— Gurkirat Singh Gill (@gurkiratsgill) January 31, 2022

First, Shastri's direct attack on Ganguly and second these "Source based", close to BCCI journalists criticizing Ganguly for interfering in selection meetings, I don't think these are meaningless developments.

Getting a feel that Ganguly's days as BCCI president are numbered.

— Ricky talks Cricket (@CricRicky) January 31, 2022

You know what else is problematic apart from the obvious Ganguly- Shah duo? The presence of Rohit Sharma.

The day a leader decides to share power is the day he loses the room. So many news saying that dressing room is a divided house.

Two lions never ruled a jungle together! https://t.co/dYhornzxAN

— Cricketjeevi (@wildcardgyan) February 1, 2022

As per the BCCI’s constitution, the board president is not allowed to interfere in the selection matters and if indeed this report has any truth in it, it’s a serious matter. Because by attending the selection meetings, the BCCI president undermines the role of captain, coach and all the five selectors who are charged with picking the squad.

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