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How To Make Your Biceps Look Bigger Using Just Two Style Hacks

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Creating visual illusions with fashion is actually a thing. In fact, most of us even create unknowingly and later excuse ourselves saying "this is what I look good in". The fact of the matter is that "looking good" means looking a certain way, which according to us, is the best version of ourselves. For example, Man X with a lanky body-type, piles on padded jackets and layers up in abundance to look a lot bigger in size. Because he says, "I look better when I don't look lanky at all and layer up for additional volume." See what did he there?  He created a style illusion that prevents people from knowing his actual body type. Unless he strips of course, but let's reserve such bedroom stories for later.

Point being, every man or even a famous man, subjects himself to visual illusions, with the help of a few style hacks and tricks. While there's no denail that John Abraham's a multi-gunned human anyway, but recently, he decided to look a hell lot muscular. So here's what he did:

How To Make Your Biceps Guns Look Bigger (With Fashion)© Viral Bhayani

For one, he chose a well-fitted T-shirt or so to say, a T-shirt that was fitting him like second skin on the chest, arms and shoulders and is hanging a little loose around the rest of the body (just a little bit roomy). Let's call this a calculated-fit. On the contrary, if you let the T-shirt remain very skinny-fitted around your body, you're going to appear a little lean. Remember, striking the balance is key to looking a lot muscular than you already are.

How To Make Your Biceps Guns Look Bigger (With Fashion)© Viral Bhayani

But that was just the primary trick. The most important style move John has turned to here, is the slight fold on the sleeves. Since the lad is aware of the surface area of his triceps, he went ahead and put that into the spotlight. Smart move there. Attaboy!

How To Make Your Biceps Guns Look Bigger (With Fashion)© Viral Bhayani

But while that's just what John demonstrated here, we're here to give you a few more tricks. If you're planning to look a lot muscular or at least broader than usual, opt for layering, wearing a structured blazer and even picking a V-neck over a round/crew neck. You'll thank us later.

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