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Ritviz Gets Real On Collab With 'Seedhe Maut', His Fanbase & Dancing Uncles In His Music Videos



After dishing out an epic homeground performance at 2019âs Pune Weekender, you might expect Pune-based producer Ritviz to take a break, go on vacation - anything except collab with Delhi rap prodigies Seedhe Maut, and dive into a studio with the intent to blend together Hindustani classical, EDM and the sickest lyrics from Delhiâs increasingly dominating rap game.

Well, thatâs what the trio did - not just meeting in Delhi and Goa to fill up your future 2020 playlists with upcoming releases, but also collaborating for their first ever music video - Chalo Chalein, Check it out below:

Sweet deal, especially with the dancers. While you can catch an interview with dancehall feature Jahnavi Sheriff here, I went on to pick Ritvizâs mind on some very important questions. Hereâs the gist of it.

First of all, thanks for speaking to us! This is the first time weâre speaking again since the Weekender, if Iâm not wrong. Howâs things been for you since then?

âItâs been a very insane roller coaster ride, honestly. Itâs been so overwhelming that Iâm still processing it right now, itâll still take some time to gather my [thoughts].â

The video for Chalo Chalein came out very recently. Can you tell us a bit about the shoot itself? Working with the dancers during the production phase - how did it go for you?

âSo we shot the music video right at the tip of Colaba. The place was beautiful, and everyone was working together on the set. The shoot began in the morning and my call-time was at around 4⦠it was an entire day where the entire crew was on it, and when I got there, the energy - I was jumping! You can even see this in the BTS videos, thatâs how excited I was!â

âOur âold uncleâ walked in towards the end. That was just magic - the actor can just flip, or switch. Itâs like he has a switch button and once you hit it, he just transforms into a character. Every single dancer as well was so mind-blowing - watching them do their takes, you know. Itâs always fun to hang with them.â

âOverall, it was just one epic day. I wish I had more shoots coming up for me because this was a very memorable one.â

While the dancers have their own styles and backgrounds contrasting on screen, thereâs also the matter of you and Seedhe Maut. You both have your own unique talents and it comes from different places - very literally from Pune and Delhi. What was that collaborative spirit like?

âTo start off, Iâve been a great fan of them right from the beginning, when they launched their first EP. It was a different world, completely - I come from a very different place. Thing is, this is just a teaser, compared to what we have coming up in 2020. Itâs insane, I remember I had gone to Delhi to meet the boys⦠the idea was just âlisten to our musicâ, and weâll see if we connect over something. We didnât think about the whole gaana banana hai thing - we were just hanging out.â

âNow that turned into two days where we locked ourselves in the studio and knocked out two songs. Later, we went to Goa, and we didnât even go on the beach. It was a great way to explore and work, and eventually it felt like we created a system. Weâre constantly playing with each otherâs melodies and lyrics, in such a fun environment.â

Now, you mentioned that âuncleâ in your music videos. This is the sixth or seventh one to feature in a Ritviz music video - where did the idea come in?

âIt all started with filmmaker Reema [Sengupta] of CATNIP, who conceptualised the video and together, we came up with the idea of that uncle. It got so free-flowing and we entered different [creative] zones⦠we ended up having him because it just felt right, you know? In a way, we were paying respects to where we started from.â

âSo yeah, weâre continuing this little tradition!â

Can you tell us more about your experience working with Bacardi Sessions?

âItâs been a great journey - this is what a brand and artist collaboration should look like. My collaboration with Bacardi has been insane with house party sessions and so on⦠itâs been unbelievable.â

âThe idea of expression, what Iâm trying to portray in terms of visual and audio - the synergy works well with Bacardiâs motto. It really pushes the message that things you care about and are really passionate about - you should pursue that. Thatâs what my music is all about, and the thought process I inculcate. Itâs beautiful, and we have a lot of stuff in the pipeline.â

On your Youtube channel, the Chalo Chalein video has a very interesting top comment from a fan.

'My father passed away on 24th February 2020 after fighting cancer for more than a year and a half.

This song has been playing on repeat. Currently sitting in my car listening to this song on repeat. This song just makes me feel that my father has left his physical body and gone to âneel gaganâ aka heaven. Thank you Ritviz from the bottom of my heart for this song.'

How does it feel to influence a fan so deeply?

âWhen I read this comment, I couldnât process it since it was a very heavy comment and⦠the whole thing was very hard to digest, you know. Itâs extremely overwhelming but also humbling at the same time.â

âJust the fact that my music can travel into somebodyâs psyche⦠I say this, always, but I feel that a song basically takes birth inside a listener. I say this onstage too - âitâs not my song, itâs your songâ. When people come to my show and sing along to my music, they sing it like itâs theirs!â

âThat way, I know that this is that dudeâs song. It has become his. Iâm just glad that I have been able to share my music, which was my only goal since I was a little kid. If I sit on a song for too long, I feel weird about it, so my entire goal is just to share whatever I have and experience this entire thing together.â

Can you tell us about any upcoming projects in 2020?

âSure! First of all, there's the upcoming project with Seedhe Maut - a new album that you can expect to come in a couple of months. My own album, DEV, is also in the process and should come out around then too.â

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