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5 Common Mistakes That Most Men Make Before Buying A Perfume



A perfume that lasts long can be really tricky to buy. With thousands of fragrances being available, choosing the wrong one from the lot is actually something that could happen to anyone. 

There isn't just the fragrance that you are buying that could lead to the foul-smelling misstep but there are more things associated with it like, its cost, scent, people and your patience level.

If you want to avoid these common mistakes, you will finally be able to get the right perfume for your arsenal. 

Here's a list of the common mistakes that men make while buying a perfume:

1. Not Taking Enough Time

Mistakes Men Make While Buying A Perfume © iStock

You decided to lay your hands on perfume but after you tried it, the smell faded in the middle. Usually, you are given the strips to check the fragrance which you should avoid. Instead, spray it on your wrists. Then, take some time, probably move around for a while and then see how the notes unfold. It should meld with your skin's chemistry. This way, it will be easier for you to pick the right fragrance.

2. Limiting Samples

© iStock Mistakes Men Make While Buying A Perfume

When you test these scents, there are two key things to know. Come prepared with a note that you are looking at, for example, woody, musky etc. You should be able to recognise and tell the salesperson exactly what you need, in order to reduce the guessing time. Secondly, test them in a proper manner. Your nose will tire after smelling so many of them. Take intervals and then test it again. It will help determine if the perfume sticks well with you or not. 

3. Neglecting Other Grooming Products

Mistakes Men Make While Buying A Perfume © iStock

You cannot just work with your perfume as other products in your regime also matter. Considering products that have fragrance add to your perfume as well. Every day, be it your grooming product or your moisturiser, the fragrance interferes with your cologne. The way to make this work is by applying all these products, for example, your hair wax or body lotion before you spray your perfume. Also, never use it immediately after your hot shower. Your scent's fragrance will sustain longer when you follow these steps.

4. Buying Perfume That Smells Good On Others

Mistakes Men Make While Buying A Perfume © iStock

Your friend bought a perfume and you instantly wanted the same one in your stash but there is a chance, that this perfume might not smell good on your skin. Therefore, it is important to research and check if the perfume that you have liked, is actually melding with your pheromones or not. A true scent will be on your skin no matter what. Hence learning about the notes stands important.

5. Finally, Storing It In The Bathroom

Mistakes Men Make While Buying A Perfume © iStock

Now that you have finally got hands on the perfume you love, don't just go and store it in your bathroom. This plays up with its longevity and sillage. We find it convenient to use the perfume but since the temperature inside changes, it can actually kill the notes of your perfume. It starts decomposing, changing colour and smells weird if stored at the wrong place. Avoid that and rather store it in cool, dark places.

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