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5 Things That BCCI Probably Wants Us Forget About Virat Kohli



Virat Kohli has become the face of cricket and not just in India but the entire world.  

He has taken the responsibility of leading the most influential team in the international scenario while somehow managing to keep up with his batting prowess. The transformation that he has brought about in himself and the Indian cricket team is considered to be revolutionary by his supporters and critics alike.  

Therefore, it is highly likely that that the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) would want you to forget about some of the eyebrow-raising things the Indian captain has done in the past: 

5. Flipping The Bird:

Things BCCI Wants Us To Forget About Kohli © Twitter

A young Virat Kohli showing the finger to the intimidating Australian crowd at Sydney Cricket Ground is something the âgentlemen of cricketâ would certainly frown upon. 

Yes, the Aussie cricket fans are known to get under the skin of the opponents but for a cricketer to revert, especially with a not-so-subtle hand gesture, got Kohli in the wrong kind of limelight in 2011.

Kohli was fined 50% of his match fee for unprofessionalism on the field.

"The matter has been sorted out. The player felt guilty and sorry and the matter has been closed," India team media manager GS Walia said, according to a 2012 BBC report. "When he went to the match referee, he said sorry and that 'out of emotions I must have done it'. 

4. The Clash Of The Delhiites:

Things BCCI Wants Us To Forget About Kohli © Twitter

Ah, how the âDilli se hun bhench*dâ attitude got the Royal Challengers Bangalore captain Virat Kohli in an altercation against Kolkata Knight Riders skipper Gautam Gambhir, whoâs also from Delhi (who would have guessed, huh?) during the sixth season of the Indian Premier League.

Considered to be one of the worst fights of the league till date, it broke out as Kohli lost his wicket but instead of moving back to the pavilion, he stood next to the pitch and started a verbal battle with his India teammate, who was celebrating with his KKR team nearby. What could have turned into a fistfight was thankfully disrupted by Rajat Bhatia, another Delhi lad!

3. Abusive Misidentity: 

Things BCCI Wants Us To Forget About Kohli © Twitter

By 2015, MS Dhoni had retired from Test cricket and Kohli became the new red-ball captain of the team. However, he still needed some fine-tuning with his hotheadedness. 

After a practice session during World Cup 2015, Kohli lashed out at a journalist and abused him badly for writing a bad article about his future wife, Anushka Sharma, only to find out that it was the wrong person.

Clearly the Indian cricket team and the Indian cricket board want you to forget about it as they denied anything of such manner taking place, despite Indian media covering it at length. 

2. Bad History With ICC Tournaments

Things BCCI Wants Us To Forget About Kohli © Twitter

Virat Kohli has been an excellent chaser throughout his professional career when it comes to bilateral series in any format of the game, but there is one stain that continues to attach itself to the captainâs name - not winning any ICC tournament. 

The last time India won an ICC tournament was in 2013, under the leadership of MS Dhoni. Ever since, India has developed more of a âchokersâ tag, especially when it matters the most.

Virat kohli tested positive for being a choker in ICC knockouts.

â ANSHUMAN (@AvengerReturns) March 14, 2020

It is not only Kohliâs record as a captain but also as a batsman that takes a massive hit during the knockout rounds.  

The biggest proof of this is the 2015 World Cup during which Kohli maintained a decent form until the semi finals and headed back to the dressing room with just one run under his name while India tried to chase Australiaâs 328.

1. Anil Kumbleâs Resignation Letter

Things BCCI Wants Us To Forget About Kohli © Twitter

Arguably the most talked-about controversy that Kohli has been a part of, is and probably will always be, his rift with Indian legend and former head coach of the Men in Blue in Anil Kumble. 

The two never met eye to eye but the situation got out of hand specifically after the disappointing end of the ICC Champions Trophy in 2017.

Thank you! pic.twitter.com/eF5qVzdBRj

â Anil Kumble (@anilkumble1074) June 20, 2017

Stories of problems between Kumble and Kohli leaked out, people began to ask questions and by the end of June 2017, Kumble stepped down from his role as the coach. 

That he directly mentioned Kohliâs âreservationsâ with the way he worked in his resignation letter, also wouldnât  make a case in the captainâs favour.

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