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Australian To Japanese: Here’s What’s Next On The MX VDesi Binge-Watch List



Over the last few months, the demand for international content has grown exponentially and it surely doesn’t come as surprise to find intriguing stories from around the globe easily accessible at our fingertips.  

After all, if we are being honest, there is only so many heartland dramas and mad-capper comedies that one can watch day in and day out.

So while we browsed through the internet to sample some international content, we discovered our perfect VDesi companion - MX Player. To add some sugar and spice to our binge-sessions, the platform recently launched a whole new category called MX VDesi featuring Korean, Australian, French, Turkish, and Spanish shows.

If you hate watching shows with subtitles, fret not, these come dubbed in regional Indian languages – a truly VDesi vibe. 

Every Wednesday, MX VDesi drops two new shows for the week, and to say that our weekend is hooked & booked won’t be wrong! This week’s list of new shows is out and here’s what you can get started with: 

Detective McLean

This Australian cop drama is the perfect blend of murder mysteries, relationship issues, and a thriving plotline. The show revolves around tough cop Allison McLean (Kelli Williams) and her struggle to keep her professional and personal lives apart. However, things get complicated when her brother (Luke Perry) is arrested and convicted for aggravated assault. As he finishes his time in prison, Allison takes in his two teenage kids and raises them with her kids. 

Juggling between 4 teenagers in the house and a demanding job, is not the life Allison envisioned, but that’s exactly why this drama gets you hooked. The show is dubbed in Hindi and is available for free on MX Player.

Coffee And Vanilla

 Exhausted your list of Korean shows? Try this Japanese show instead. Coffee And Vanilla is a love story between twenty-year-old Risa Shiroki and the thirty-year-old businessman HirotoFukami.  

Pretty and popular among the male students, Risa has never had a boyfriend. Her dream of a sweet love story comes true when she arrives in Tokyo to attend university. Blown away by the charismatic and gentle looks of Hiroto, Risa discovers what it is like to fall in love for the very first time. 

Looking for more VDesi recommendations? Head to MX Player to check out their vast library of international shows dubbed in a variety of regional languages. 

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