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5 ‘Desi’ Thrillers We Love To Rewatch Even Though We Know That ‘Everything Is Planned’



Thrillers movies are a great idea for binge-watch, especially for the ones who easily get bored. These days, with the lockdown dancing upon us again, rewatching a good desi thriller can be a good idea, since we'd already know the end as well. Anyway these are 5 thrillers we love to rewatch because 'everything is planned' anyway: 

1.       Ajnabee

I had to keep this movie on the list because my list is basically inspired from this absolutely thrilling gift from director duo Abbas-Mustan. This movie keeps you hooked till the end and the iconic ‘everything is planned’ scene remains one of the best till date. A couple which gets entangled in a big murder and financial scam courtesy their neighbours and how Bobby Deol unravels the whole plot is actually entertaining. Not to forget Akshay’s acting in a negative role. Also, you know you have found a fellow fan when someone replies to your ‘kaun main’ with ‘haan tum’.

2.       Gupt

Well, another Bobby Deol Gem on this list. Starring Bobby, Kajol and Manisha Koirala in the lead roles, this was one of the most famous thrillers from the 90’s. This is a lot similar to I Know What You Did Last Summer and has a killer on the loose wreaking havoc in the lives of these lovers as well. Also, killer (pun intended) soundtrack!

3.       Humraaz

Wow, no prizes for guessing but I just had an epiphany that Bobby Deol had a penchant for doing some good thrillers man. Ameesha Patel and Akshaye Khanna play lovers cum con artists who decide to dupe millionaire played by DJ Bobby himself. She marries him in the hope of taking way his wealth and flying to la la land with her OG lover. Little does she know that there are more raaz that are awaiting to unfold for her.

4.       Baazigar

Who can forget this brilliant movie from the 90s? SRK plays a dirty game of love and dhokha, a beautiful Kajol dancing to the title track in a white dress and an innocent Shilpa Shetty "falling" prey to a revenge plot. We can watch it multiple times.

5.       Darr

Okay I am already singing ‘KKKKIIIIRANNN’ in my mind as I type this out. This is such a well made movie, the acting, the plot, the twists in  the tale and not to forget, the cathartic end to this movie is something that makes you want to watch it randomly, whenever, wherever. Also, SRK shines like a diamond in this movie.

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