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Ishaan Khatter's Video On Fighting With His Mom About Chocolates Is Like 'Har Ghar Ki Kahani'



Now that we are in the second wave of lockdown again due to the rising cases, some Bollywood actors are leaving no stone unturned in entertaining us with hilarious content on their social media platforms.

(1) Instagram/Ishaan Khatter

Ishan Khatter recently took to Instagram and shared a funny video. This was an 'Instagram Vs Reality' video with his mother Neliima Azeem. He shared this video in which for the 'Instagram' part, he posted surreal clips of cats, butterflies and he can be seen enjoying the beauty of nature amidst the lockdown. For the reality bit though, Ishaan is seen being yelled at by his mom.

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The reason for the same is quite hilarious. Turns out, Neliima was eating chocolate every day and Ishaan hid them, so she can't consume them anymore. She can be heard saying in the video "Why have you kept my chocolates out? Who are you to do it?"

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She basically yells at him, saying “I want my chocolate. Now. Don't do this to me. Ishaan, I have no life, I sit in my room.”

This is when Ishaan speaks to the camera and says "You have been eating one whole bar of chocolate, if not more, a day. And I have found this out after like, a week. And now you are getting mad at me…”

However, since Neliima is in a rigid mood,  she says “So, who are you? You are just my younger kid. Idiot!"

She further says that if he doesn't give her the chocolates, she won't do Yoga anymore. She also mentioned Sasha, her elder son Shahid Kapoor and said she would complain to him if he doesn't give her the chocolate. That sounds like funny banter!

In the end, Ishaan asks Neliima about her current weight and says she has gained around 2.5 kilos, because of her unhealthy chocolate eating. This is when Ishaan rests his case and ends the video.

(4) Instagram/Ishaan Khatter

Mira Rajput couldn't stop laughing at this and commented “Hahahaha WHO ARE YOU!” and further wrote, “I WILL TELL SASHA.”

(5) Instagram/Ishaan Khatter

Even Shahid Kapoor had an amusing response to it and said “Ohhhhhh the legend of mommy.” to which Ishaan responded “Senior you please control this legend.. I’m hanging from the ceiling in fear.”

Several other celebrities including Siddhant Chaturvedi, Aparshakti Khurana etc. reacted to the video.

Really, this one was quite entertaining to watch!

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