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  • Our picks

    • Titan 4.3 // ips 4.3.6+
      Titan for IPS.Suite 4.3

      Titan is the ultimate gaming theme, based upon a large wallpaper image which is blurred behind textured navigation and category bars. Easily upload your own image via the theme settings to completely change the colour scheme, or let your members choose from a predefined selection!


      Theme features

      Theme Settings
      Easily enable, disable or modify theme features such as background images, logos, social media links, guest messages and colors. This makes modifications and upgrades very simple since little code changes are required.

      Unique navigation design
      Titan features a unique navigation design, utilising an animated effect on-hover.

      Blurred headers
      The navigation bar and category headers inherit a blurred version of your background image. Compatible with all modern browsers, except IE.

      Social links
      Social links can be enabled/disabled and customized to your own URL, allowing you to easily link to your social network pages (facebook, twitter, etc)

      Background picker
      Your members can choose their own background image (or color) from a predefined selection and their choice is saved via cookies. This feature can be configured and disabled if necessary within the theme settings.

      Global message
      Display a message across the top of your site with important announcements. Once your members have seen the message, they can press the Dismiss button to remove it (until you configure a new one).

      Guest message
      A customizable message can be shown to guests, prompting them to either register or login to your forum. Two designs, "billboard" and "alert" (shown) are available.

      HTML logo with slogan
      Easily add/edit your text logo and slogan from within the theme settings. If required, the text can be replaced by an image instead.

      Mega Footer
      A mega footer with configurable column numbers and content can be enabled and customized all within the theme settings.


      Demo  //  Detailed list of features

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    • Members Shop This application will add a members shop and a built in point system to your site, where your members can earn and spend their well earned points they gained ( or brought if you have IPCommerce installed ) from this app or you can intregrate it to run along with Points by Anatik

      Main Features

      Points Earning System

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    • Best of | Arijit Singh Atif Aslam Armaan Malik | Melody Best Romantic Love Songs 2017
      All Hit Songs of Arijit Singh Atif Aslam Armaan Malik
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    • [IPS] Videos Application
      Allows your members to submit their own videos for community viewing. Support is included for all the major video sites.


      NEW Per category custom field support.

      NEW Quick add video support.

      NEW Video.JS support for uploaded videos.

      NEW Improved front end design new trending, followed, discover and featured tabs .Including pagination and sorting.

      NEW RSS import support for videos.

      Mobile skin support for the portal index, category view, video form and view video pages.

      Support included for share links on view video page.

      Notification support for add, edit, approve, unapprove and moderator pending videos

      Support for category permissions. Set who can add videos, edit videos, delete videos, add comments, edit comments, delete comments per group.

      Support for per category settings, including view category, view and add video permissions and discussion topics.

      Ajax rating system with per group permissions who can rate and even who can change their votes.

      Share video option with page link, bbcode and html code provided for members to share videos more easily.

      Default per category settings for sort and filter as well as number of videos per page.

      Support for YouTube thumbnails. Thumbnails are downloaded and saved locally for display next to videos when new videos are added using media urls. (See below for which sites are supported.)

      Quick add video option, enter the media url and category and the system will attempt to get the video title/description automatically. (Not all media urls supported.)

      Support for category or video following.

      Support for IPB's tag class for videos.

      Per category or globally created discussion topics.

      Pending videos overview for mass approval/denial of new videos added.

      Full use of IPB's inbuilt cache system to minimize server load and resources.

      RSS feed for new videos added and per category rss feed export added for each category.
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    • Widgets Extensions
      The widget extension allows you to easily add custom blocks and then style them using your own CSS styles and classes.

      The plugin will add three different types of custom widgets: Text, HTML and PHP.

      Allowed Block Options:

      Set the block to display on or off,

      Set the block to display to selected groups only,

      Can elect to use a block title or not. Good if you are showing adverts or not,

      You can use CKEditor or CodeMirror for the block content and this can be toggled via the Blocks settings. For example, HTML and PHP can use CodeMirror to make life easier if you are using HTML or PHP in your blocks.

      You can easily add CCS styles to the Block Title and Content using the Widget Forms rather than having to edit templates. This makes it easier to customise each block differently to have a different look and feel to match your website theme.

      You can add custom CSS classes via the Widget Form for quickness. Bear in mind this will add inline CSS to your theme, so it would be better to add custom CSS Classes to the Theme Custom.css instead.

      And yes, it's free and you're welcome 😉
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