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Found 7 results

  1. Version 0.19


    Categories: Contents, Semantics Author: akilli License: MIT, GPL, LGPL, MPL Updated: 05 Dec 2018 This media widget can embed image, audio, video and iframe elements solely with their corresponding tags (<img>, <audio>, <video> and <iframe>) or wrapped within a <figure> when used with a caption. In case the media element is wrapped within a figure element, this widget will add the CSS class image, audio, video or iframe to the figure element. It also supports alignment by setting an appropriate CSS class (left or right), and the attributes width, height and alt. The controls(audio and video) and allowfullscreen (iframe) are automatically set. If you have installed a file browser that uses the API of the mediabrowser add-on or the filebrowser add-on, the Browse serverbutton will appear. This widget itself does not provide any file browser. No configuration necessary. Usage with the mediabrowser add-on If you use the mediabrowser add-on, your media browser implementation can currently send following keys with the message: { alt: 'Alternative text', // optional src: '/url/to/media', //required type: 'image' // optional, one of audio, iframe, image or video } Screenshots Releases Plugin versions CKEditor versions 4.11 4.10 4.9
  2. Version 4.11 - 4.10 -4.9

    1 download

    Installing: Go IPS ACP> Themes> Toolbars > Add Buttons > Upload Zip File. Categories: Styling Author: mysticfall License: GPL, LGPL, MPL Updated: 09 Dec 2018 Combined slider controls to adjust 'line-height' and 'letter-spacing' CSS values of text. CkEditor Version : 4.11 - 4.10 -4.9 Screenshots
  3. Version 1.0.0


    how to create an Hello World app? I'm uploading the .tar with the app and dev folder for those lazy people tutorial is here.
  4. Version


    If a specific conversion has things available to convert but there are none in the third party database, you will no longer be required to convert them. For example, if you are converting from vBulletin and you do not have any profile field groups, you will not be required to 'convert' this step. The converters have been updated to work with developer mode properly (which has in turn led to many miscellaneous bug fixes) Converting from SMF will now prompt you to choose whether to keep member real names or display names when converting members Full language abstraction Redirections are now handled automatically without the need for uploading extra PHP files (and in the case of some conversions, overwriting the default index.php upon each upgrade) Converted links (i.e. links to topics, forums, profiles, etc.) will no longer redirect to the new locations within the Suite if the user does not have permission to view the content Gallery images embedded as attachments in posts in vBulletin will now work correctly post-conversion (for new conversions) Improved converters so that conversions that require a 'parent' (i.e. converting forums requires members to be converted first) will not allow you to start until the parent has been converted Converter version number has not been set inline with the rest of the Suite API endpoint added for converters to fetch details about what can be converted Joomla, Photoplog, Coppermine, BBPress converters added Miscellaneous performance improvements Dozens of bug fixes
  5. Version 1.0.0


    SuperHelp page is a set of page templates to help / FAQ sections, books, online courses and similar content. What is necessary: IPS 4.1 in the latest version of the page application A page in the database, which uses multiple levels of categories. Benefits SuperHelp: Uterine templates page is restricted to show only one level at a time: one level categories; one level records links in the same category; a full report. SuperHelp based on IPS »Help section of the Guide and can show much more information and make browsing the database a lot easier. template set is beautiful and clean appearance and, of course, to fully react. It takes almost all sites and enable IPS plug-in allows you to change the appearance of the template without any - any HTML knowledge. What's included: The first sheet listing category template that shows the primary and secondary categories. Listing Template that shows subcategories entries in categories and entries in the current category. Record View template with the side panel that shows the other entries in the same category. A plugin that allows you to change the template settings easily. Setting a PDF with detailed instructions and tips to create your SuperHelp database. Note: You can use templates for any number of databases, but the settings will always be applied to all templates SuperHelp. Plugin Settings: Display category button followed by Yes / No Show images were recorded with a view to listing: Yes / No Show the image recording in the presentation of records: Yes / No The number of lines, then text gets cut off preview The number of entries displayed in the list of sub-categories icon type to use for reference steps: automatic numbering or a user-defined FontAwesome icon The text alignment for the title / description on the home page The text alignment for the title / description on the data page Align text to the category titles / descriptions on the main page Expert options: Add a photo of your main categories category Redefine the style (for example, the color icon) in your theme custom.css
  6. Version 1.0.0


    This is created for those that wants to create their own Release Notes on their forum, please follow the guide linked below to create it with the files provided here. Please don't down vote this if you only download this without reading the tutorial - Its essential to follow the tutorial to make it all work.
  7. Version 4.1.6

    1 download

    This download is for users converting from third-party software to IPS Community Suite 4.1, for more information about our converters please visit https://www.invisionpower.com/services/migrate The Converters currently support: vBulletin 3.x / 4.x Emoticons Profile Fields Member Groups Members Status Updates / Profile Comments Ignored Users Announcements Private Messages Ranks Forums Topics Posts Post Attachments Blogs Blog Entries Blog Comments Entry Attachments Calendars Calendar Events Gallery Albums Gallery Images Gallery Comments vBulletin 5.x Emoticons Profile Fields Member Groups Members Ignored Users Private Messages Ranks Forums Topics Posts Post Attachments MyBB 1.8.x Ban Filters Emoticons Warning Actions Warning Reasons Profile Fields Member Groups Members (including Ignored Users) Announcements Ranks Private Messages Profanity Filters Question and Answer Verification Forums Topics Posts Post Attachments Calendars Events phpBB 3.1.x Emoticons Profile Fields Member Groups Members Ignored Users Private Messages Ranks Profanity Filters Ban Filters Forums Topics Posts Post Attachments WordPress 4.x Members Pages Categories Articles Tags Comments Media XenForo 1.5.x Emoticons Profile Fields Member Groups Warning Reasons Members Status Updates Status Update Comments Ignored Users Ranks Private Messages Page Nodes -> Pages Resource Manager File-less Records -> Pages Records Resource Manager Downloads -> Downloads (includes Custom Fields, Categories, and Reviews) Media Gallery -> Gallery (includes Categories, Albums, Images, and Comments) PunBB 1.x Member Groups Members (incl. passwords) Member Ranks Private Messages Forums Topics Posts Bugs Fixes Are: https://invisionpower.com/4bugtrack/active-reports/converter-first-emoticon-in-new-set-throws-error-r10861/ https://invisionpower.com/4bugtrack/active-reports/converter-emptydata-throws-an-error-r11223/ https://invisionpower.com/4bugtrack/active-reports/converter-emptydata-redirect-throws-no-permission-error-r11224/ Fixes for attachment conversion issues in vB5, XenForo & MyBB Fixes with image conversion in XenForo Media Gallery Updated Redirection Scripts
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